Metrum Musette or Schitt Gungnir Multibit?

Looking for a DAC to pair with Ars Sonum Filarmonia and Merlin TSM monitors. Mostly listen to redbook but becoming interested in streaming. The Musette and Gungnir are in my price range and have been favorably reviewed. Anyone have experience with both? Other suggestions?
Denafrips Ares R2R discrete ladder Dac. Won't break the bank and is a  excellent sounding unit that blew the doors  Some reviews over at Head-Fi. 
I`d second Denafrips Ares R2R DAC.  It`s just insane what you get for the price.
Thanks for the recommendation. However, you cannot know about the quality and relaibility of the parts and there is little feedback online about these. I prefer to stick to units with proven reliability and that can easily be serviced, if need be. 

Can`t see how it`s more risky than anything else? The quality is top-notch and warranty from Vinshine Audio is 3 years.

Four day shipping via DHL is $50 so you risk with $100 only.
LOL. any transaction involves some risk. 😛
I have no doubt that the Ares works for you, but from my point of view one risks questionable resale value if it doesn't for me. Just saying. I wish there were more of a track record for it. 

Check the head-fi forum. It seems that many are ordering these and there will be probably more reviews soon. I`ve seen only one used Ares and it sold for the new price within a day or so because it was already in US. It was sold because owner wanted to go up in Denafrips line.
Gungnir Multibit has also created a lot of fuzz so it may be something to consider also. Metrum Hex seems also interesting.

Good Luck!
The Ares looks very tempting . I have a Metrum Octive feed by a Foccusrite Red Net 3 AOIP and love it . I wonder how the Ares compares to the Metrum ?