Metrum Musette NOS Dac

I keep reading that the Metrum dacs remove the " digital glare" in the higher frequencies.
or make the old CD's of 80's much more listenable and much less fatiguing?

But; Still offer excellent resolution and soundstaging.

Has anybody used the METRUM MUSETTE?  And find this true?


Hi Jeff , I've been using the Musette very happily since March 2016. Previously I was using the Octave model. The Musette is (IMHO) 100% sonically better than the Octave and 90-95% of the performance of the Menuet. So, the Octave is the VFM model of the line (as the Menuet is over twice the price)  
I'm so satisfied I'm going to move on my Meridian 808ii now!