Metrum Acoustics owners experience

When looking for quality dac’s in the NOS category, the dutch brand Metrum Acoustics always appears as one of the best sound components, but there are not as much reviews as other companies models.

The way I perceive it is that this dac’s have something special about the way they sound, in a relaxed and organic way, that it is very interesting to me, at least when thinking about it...

Does anyone have experiences to share about the Metrum dac’s?


I have their Forte power amp and I love it. Also, I owned their Pavane Level 1dac for a while. The Sonnet Morpheus has the same basic sound signature as the Pavane but is more detailed and open. Very nice equipment.

I've owned the Onyx and the Ambre for about three years now and have had no issues and the sound is as described above.  The I2s connection sounds best to me.  Very Organic and detailed at the same time.  I recently upgraded the four modules in the Onyx to their latest DAC 3 modules which doubled the number of DAC chips to a total of 16 now.

Cees mentioned that now my Onyx is on par with the Sonnet Morpheus and to my ears it was a very nice improvement.   More open and a little more detailed sounding.  The Onyx without these DAC upgrades was a bit warmer and laid back which is good as well but I do prefer the extra detail and openness.  I read a review a year or so ago regarding the Morpheus and the reviewer stated that it sounded like a cross between a traditional NOS sound and the more common sabre type DAC sound which to me is exactly what I want and a compliment to the Morpheus.  

@mitch2 wow! Thanks for sharing all that information, it really helps. I will look the Sonnet products for sure.

@mrotino ​​​​@dalims4 thanks for sharing :)

Any experience with the entry level Octave II dac?

I don't but maybe others do regarding the Octave II dac.  I know once you move up the line it gets a bit more expensive as is the case with all products.  

I actually owned the Octave II, and forgot because before the trial period was over I purchased the Hex from the same dealer and returned the O2.  With those earlier DACs they just got better as you moved up the line - better tone, body, dynamics, punch.  I could not really recommend those earlier DACs compared to what is out there today.

There are probably quite a few DACs in the same sonic ballpark as the Octave II.  If you can swing it and have a preamp, and if you want Metrum, I would start with the Onyx then you wouldn't need to look at anything else for a while. I use the Jade in my outdoor (second) system and it is basically an Onyx with their volume control and it sounds fine.  Or, keep you eyes open for an earlier Mojo Audio DAC or for a Sonnet Morpheus in your upper price range.  There are some others to look at like something in the Denafrips line, but I cannot vouch for them one way or another except that people seem to like them.