Metronome Tech


I bought a metronome set:
DAC c1A model C1A C1b
Transport T1 model T1B
Power Supply T1 T1B

I tried getting information from the company but they are too busy counting a lot of money and just ignor customers emails.

The power cable between the PS to the transport is missing
On the soket on the back of the power supply there 7 pins connector (round connector 6 pins and one in the center),
Is anybody knows which cable should i look for ?
I don't mind even to buy the connectors and the proper cable and assemble it .
I can send pictures of the connectors.

Another minor issue - where can i buy AT&T cable ( i understand it much better than coax)I'm looking for something expensive .100$ max.

Get in touch with this Audiogon member: Nilthepill , feel the french stuff to lack of reliability
Connectors are Fischer plugs, try to get in contact with Tecnodis 2000 their worldwide distributor.
I have MT T2i sig and it has over 5000 hours on it and not a single problem.
Thanks Rocc & Teddy bear!
I upload the picture of the connector on the power supply:

can you recordnize the type of it?

Many thanks
It looks like a fairly standard Amphenol type connector: