Metronome Labs: can I get at least one post

telling me how ANY of their units sound and equally important when buying digital is the quality...did you know that digital players tend to go dead and/or skip...well its true...i can't find even 1 review anywhere... i have a hunch its a great product "can i get a witness"
the absolute sound reviewed a transport and digital converter I have the issue I will look it up and post it tomorrow.
I used to own a Metronome CD-1V which I bought as a demo. It is the tubed output version of Metronome's basic, one-box, 20 bit chip player. Get one for somewhere in the vicinity of $1100 (quite a bit more if you get a 24/96 version), and you will have a great buy. It doesn't beat anything in any specific sound reproduction category, but it is simply a wonderful, musical, non-fatiguing, easy to listen to player. Nice looking too, and I liked the remote, although it has been criticized for being cheesy.

Sold this player and bought a used Ayre D-1. The latter is significantly better, as it should be for something that costs 4 times as much.
Fi magazine reviewed on of their DACS and raved about it.
bought a cd1 used from a very kind gentleman in upsate new york. this is the non-tubed version circa '97. i believe many units may best it, but for me it was several delightful steps above my marantz cd6000ose that it replaced. at $600 i feel it was money well spent. this early version and aging player plays music and can be listened to all evening without ftigue setting in. it is not the last word in detail, resolution and presentation, but is a pleasant alternative to my new vinyl passion. for what it is worth, i do not cringe or hesitate to switch from vinyl to cd if the mood hits me and i don't have the lp.
unless metronome forgot everything they knew about digital and stopped learning at the same time, their newer units should be nothing to overlook. that said, when my baby dies, i'll be comparing newer metronome 1 boxes against the capitole and emc1 and decide whether the added expense of these very respected and well reviewed units is warranted.
My uncle just bought the CD-2V Signature. I listened to it this Easter Weekend and I loved it! The imaging just blew me away.
sounds like you'll just have to conveniently offer to help your uncle upgrade in 6 months by taking the cd2v 'off his hands' less a generous family discount...
thanks for the posts...all the METRONOME line seems to be of superior quality "built like a tank"...which in the digital realm counts very important (some labs are experiencing some causalities) ...i think if i had the money that i would not buy the CAPITOLE or the MEPHISTO...instead i would get one of the METRONOME line for less ($2K to $6K vs $8K) and with the savings upgrade my amp and /or speakers...and thus have a sound "almost" as good as the AA and AM...if not better...what'ya think?
Tweekerman, you seem to be confident that your strategy will work to your advantage. Spend the money on the amps/speakers and a little less by getting the Metronome and I'm sure you will be satisfied. Resale on CDP are crap anyways, so why not put a bit more of your hard earned $$$ into speakers or amps that will spend much more time in your system.
the point is that there is a limit i'm willing to spend on digital...i doubt that the CAPITOLE and MEPHISTO is a $4K better sound than the NOME's.2V..or do they Mr. Bwhite...
Hey Tweekerman! I've never listened to any of the Metronome products but I would imagine they are top players. The idea that something is equal to an amount of money in better sound is quite relative. To some people a particular player just might be worth $4K more simply because it works well in the context of their system (and they can afford it) while others maybe able to produce similar results with a less expensive unit.

My advice would be to get best player you can reasonably afford and invest in speakers that you like.

P.S. I really, really wasn't kidding about the old EAD T1000 and Theta Data transports being absolutely amazing in every way. Something about that Pioneer Laser Disk stable platter mechanisim is absolutely magic with nearly any modern DAC. That combination would indeed give ANY top player at ANY price a run for the money! BIG TIME! And if you spent a bit of time auditioning the right digital cables, I think your end results could quite possibly be better than any single box player available today.

Then you would have to ask yourself, does the Metranome sounds $4K better than the EAD/Theta & DAC combo...???? But.. what if the EAD/Theta & DAC combo actually sounded better than the Metranome? For less money.
Yor're the MAN! when it comes to advice on digital...i'm starting my search for these 2 right now...both make quite a few models..any further suggestions on the newer models?..i think Theta has one called JADE and another better model?...i remember what you told me ...but the NOME's for some reason facinate me they have the look of superior craftsmanship
Tweekerman - the thing with the Theta Data II (or EAD T1000 - they are virtually the same) is its a Laser Disk tranport. It has a HUGE clamp that puts a lot of pressure on a CD. the Clamp was designed to securely hold a Laserdisk and when it gets ahold of a puny CD, that CD isn't going anywhere!!! The result is very low jitter and that translates to good sound.

Both Theta and EAD will lie to you all day long and tell you that their new products are better than the old ones. In some ways they may be (features) but for sheer performance, the old Data II or T1000 transports are killer.

The ART DI/O that our friend Sedond speaks of could be just the ticket when combined to one of these transports. It allows for a significant amount of tweaking and adjustment. You'll just have to audition a few digital cables to make everything perfect and tuned to your tastes.

I really hate posting information about the Theta and EAD because they represent one of those well kept secrets - but honestly - the difference between the EAD/Theta and any single box player I have ever listened to is so huge that it makes me want to scream. It's embarrassing really. A good DAC puts the icing on the cake. In the case of the Mephisto and Capitole, they have an AWESOME DAC and that's what saves their hide.

In the case of a Theta Data & ART DI/O combo - you're talking between 400 and 700 bucks for the Theta and between 150 and 300 for the ART (depending on which mods you choose). So.. for that price, I swear there is NOTHING out there that can even dream of touching this level of performance and without hearing the ART DI/O DAC, I would venture to say that with the right mods and digital cable the end result could be VERY comperable to a Mephisto/Capitole (or even Metronome) solution.

I have used the EAD T1000 with many lousy DACs and it always puts the soundstage through the walls - it has a warm (french) sounding tonal balance - very analog, very detailed, NEVER harsh, loads of weight, body - utter transparency. Dynamics are outstanding and you will just have a feeling that you're swimming through music. On one hand the EAD makes me break out into laughter because its so good and so cheap but on the other hand, when I look at how much I spent on other CD players.... I feel like crying!
The Absolute Sound reviewed Metronome T-20 transport and C-20 DAC in issue #125.
correction issue #123
in regards to low jitter in the Theta Data 2, I run mine into a Genesis Digital Lens which gives a jitter readout, FWIW, the jitter reading is quite a bit higher than my Audiomeca Mephisto 1. The Theta is around 33, the Mephisto is 4. Although, with the Genesis Lens, the #s are irrelevant, the Data w/o the Lens in theory would have hight jitter. I dont think the fact that the huge LD clamp has anything to do with the units Jitter......lastly, the Theta is a great sounding unit regardless of Jitter. I run it into an Audiologic 34 DAC.
Justlisten - thanks for the info. I have no way of measuring jitter - guess it was a presumption as to why the EAD T1000 (I believe it is the same transport mechanisim as the Data 2) sounds so darn good. As a transport only, it killed my Mephisto II. You seem to have quite a few thoughts as to what doesn't contribute to the sound quality of these transports but - do you have any idea why it sounds so good?

The Audiologic is a good DAC.