Metronome any Good?

I have been doing some research on these and they seem like a pretty good buy. Roughly 2k for the cd2v tubed cd player with 192 sampling!

Question is, how does this player stack up against say the Cary 306/200 or the EMC1? It seems that this might be one of the best "SLEEPER BUYS" out there.

Any thoughts on this one? thanks

Oh yeah, I am considering replacing my Meridian 500/Monarchy 18B separates with a one box. Can anyone suggest if the metronome will give me much better sound? Any other suggestions? I am looking for a warm/rich cd player. thanks again
Platsolos, I have heard the Metronome CD-2V in a full VAC tube system. It is smooth and has a very deep soundstage. I highly recommend it. I think there is one here on Audiogon for around 2200, so you should be able to get it for ~2000. I was actually going to buy the one that sold 2 weeks ago for $1650 but I missed it by 3 hours!!! Make sure you get a recent Signature model with the updated tubed output stage. I am receiving the Cary 303/200 this week so I will let you know how they compare.
The CD-2V demo is ours - it is the Signature version FYI. It has the updated 24/192 DAC and tube output stage. OBM, full warranty, etc.
It is a very good player,on par with the Cary 306/200, EMC-1 and Audio Aero. As this is a fashion industry you are correct in your analysis that the Metronome is not currently the "soup de jour".
Hey Platsolos,

I've had the CD2V Signiture in my system for about 6 months and I find it quite satisfying. It is very smooth and throws a deep soundstage. I've heard the Cary, although for a short listen, and I was not pleased with the sound. Of course I heard it at a dealer and that could be why it did not sound that interesting to me. The first time I heard the Metronome was at a shop and I new right away this was the cdp for me.......John
I have right now a Cary 308T CDP with two 12AU7s tubes output)which is a brand new CDP that I traded for a 306/200. I still let it brake in and everyday I hear the sound is getting better and better. The 308T sounds more analog than 306/200 with extended soudstage, detailed, smooth and musical. It costs half of 306 retail price and heavy about 35 lbs.
I demoed this player at a dealer set-up with an Krell amp(#?)& ARC pre-ampRef. thru Wilson puppys.I didn't like the sound at all. It sounded just o.k. ,not a real involving player for me.The build quality of the tray is rather flimsy for the price with no balanced outputs.
You can do better for less the price.