Metro shelving for your audio gear?

A friend suggested that I use this instead of expensive audio racks. I actually used it in the past on a lower fi system and it worked just fine. Any problems using this with a higher end system?
From the looks of it, I would think it might vibrate quite a bit.
I had no idea what you were writing about, Google to the rescue !! I use this type of shelving in my garage, got a good deal on some units that were being offered for sale during a store's closing.

I suspect it would be quite adequate for most any audio system - very sturdy, excellent air flow, and easily adjustable for shelf height, etc. I'd say go for it and then let us know how it works for you.

Best Wishes,

Is there anyone else using this for their gear?
What is metro shelving? Do you have a link to see it?
Metro Shelving
Heres my computer audio system on metro shelves.

John C.