Meter replacement on Pass Labs X250

Hope this is the right place , for this ?

Has anyone replaced a meter in a Pass Labs X 250 and could tell me the best way to do it? I can get a meter from Pass or I can ship the amp back to them for repair. I would like to drive it to some one in the Phoenix or Sedona AZ. for replacement. Unless someone can tell me that anyone could do it, then I might try myself.

I do not know how hard it is to replace, but I can recommend the Audio Doctor in Phoenix as someone that could perform the work.
The one I had in the past went out as well. I thought about doing it myself, but after looking over the amp and seeing that one thing led to another, I figured I would have to take quite a bit of it apart to get at it. I would send it to Pass and have them do it. They quoted me around $450.
I sold mine with the faulty meter intact.
$450 for a meter? I sure wish Pass would drop those superfluous parts and lower the cost of admission and maintenance.
Thanks for the input Jperry , I will give them a call.

Pass Labs gave me a quote of alot less then $450.00. I just need to ship it to them.So, I guess the cost of admission and maintenance has gone down Unsound.
I will BET that Pass does MORE than just swap in a new meter.
I'll wager you also get a good checkout.....any bulging caps, for example, would be changed. Any charred resistor, likewise.
You should also get an adjustment....not that bias or any other internal adjustments should have drifted...but I'm sure they are checked and adjusted if needed.
IOW? Paying Pass to do the meter is not only cheap insurance, but a great way to keep your amp running in tip-top shape2...

I Havent' seen the internals, but figure an hour or so assembly / disassembly to change the meter and another hour on the bench for checkout / needed.

Good value.
I wish I would have kept that amp. Tried to downsize and that was a failure. Went to an integrated with stand mounted monitors and never got into it. Loved the Pass sound.
I agree fully with you.
My experience is similar with Cary Audio , where I sent my amp for replacement of caps, they did entire check , recommend several other items for replacement or upgrade , test run it for 48 hours . In the end I did spend considerable amount , but what I got back is a totally improved and a fantastic amp , much much better than my original one. I am happy I sent it to them and got all those improvements. What they charged , looked heavy when they sent estimate , but now I think it is trivial compared to the performance improvement I got.