meter lights

I just got a new mc452 amp but cannot get the watt meters to light up. The dial is set for watts and I still have no lights. Am I missing something simple or do I need to call McIntosh?
Try rotating the left knob to "lights off" then back to
"watts" again and see if they come on. Also if you are using the
trigger plug in the rear, disconnect it and see if they come on. The newer
Mc amps use a stereo trigger cable rather than the mono and that affects
the lights. If not give McIntosh a call or e-mail, they are very helpfull.
I heard back from McIntosh and got the same reply from them. I took the trigger cable off and the lights came on. Sure enough, I had a mono jack. Kind of tongue in cheek,whats the burn in time on trigger cable? LOL Thanks.Definitely improved over the Emotiva reference amp.
I use the Cardas Golden Reference trigger cable and have noticed a much quicker turn on/off time, than the Radio Shack.