Metaxas Solitaire ll Amp

volume  seems less on right side , than left. output recapped, etc. a few years ago . Any ideas ?

system :
Metaxas Solitaire ll power amp
Audio Research LS17 SE preamp [ less than a year old]
Audio Research Reference CD-7 with upgrades [ less than a year ago]
Luxman PD-121 with black widow arm,Turntable
Cary Audio , phono preamp
Verastarr Grand Illusion Pwr cables and interconnects
Focal Utopia Diablo   speakers 

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Thank you for your  quick and insightful response.
  Switching  IC`s from ARC LS 17 SE at the amp made no discernable difference .
   Sad but true I am a plug - n - play enjoyer ,  concrete  cowboy kinda audiophile [ got the hat , boots and truck - No Clue !] .   

   Kind regards
Switched IC`s from Preamp : No Change in balance volume , Switched speaker cabling : which also switched  higher volume to opposite speaker .
   Leads me to believe  it is in the Amplifier ????  Thoughts on this ?