Metamorphosen by Richard Strauss. Suggestion?

This is the one of two post war compositions by Strauss I am deeply moved. Please recommend any recording(s) you appreciate.

Thanks in advance and happy listening.

The only recording I know is the Berlin Phil with Karajan. I tend to find Karajan a little dry, but this recording is pretty magical. Haven't listened for quite a while, so I can't vouch for the DG sonics on this one, but the performance is great.

Happy listening,

peter Wilson
Ditto. The sonics are just great, buy it. This and the horn concerto were Strauss' swansong. Both are very introspective pieces. I guess, after the aftermath of the war and his relationship with the Nazis........
Karajan's is the way to go. The sonics is not outstanding but is good, and the performance is first rate.
Thank you all for your sincere recommendations.

Has anyone experienced Klemperer’s recording released by EMI?

Happy Listening!