Metal cabinet speakers

I like the idea of a very strong inert metal cabinet. Besides Magico, Steinheim and T+A.. who else makes metal cabinet speakers?
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Much of what has been discussed so far in this thread can also be found in a similar related thread on Audiogon started back on 5/25/18 by Vinny55:
“Which material sounds better for speakers construction? Wood, Ply or MDF?”

i noted in more specific detail on that thread, more than I am here, about how and why Paradigm’s Persona Speakers use 7 Layers of High Density Fiberboard (HDF) with internal cross-sectioning of Marine Fiberboard.  I suggest referring to that thread for many similar points made about cabinet construction in this thread as many things will get restated here that you can find there.

Thrax Audio Lyra, Aluminium cabinets, they sound great when set up right.
My Paradigm S1 is metal.
The audio dealer in my area just got in a new pair of the Steinheim bookshelves. Oh my, sweetheart of a speaker but their also 12k. Ouch
I own vintage speakers, mainly JBL products (monitors);  In addition to MBL and Duntech.  I heard some YG Sonjas a few weeks ago and was impressed with the quality (natural) sound they delivered.  So much so, I contemplated selling some gear and upgrading to the YG.