Metal cabinet speakers

I like the idea of a very strong inert metal cabinet. Besides Magico, Steinheim and T+A.. who else makes metal cabinet speakers?
 Speaking of concrete speakers, there was a company in Sweden named "RAUNA" that made such a thing!  I heard a pair in the early eighties here in Las Vegas at a used stereo store.

@verdantaudio Have you heard the Magico M2? It has 1 piece carbon fiber cabinet. Sounded amazing to me. 

Also the graphene drivers on the newer magicos are awesome.
@smodtactical  I have not heard the Magico M2 but have hear lower end products in Magico's line.  I have supreme confidence that it is spectacular.  

I saw that SEAS is offering Graphene coatings on their drivers.  I will make a point to listen to them at Capital Audiofest.  

My design is pretty good and for stand-mounts I am confident I can go toe-to-toe with anyone.  It will be interesting to see how my designs stack up against the S1 MK2 and the Sabrina when I introduce them.  

Hello All,

Much of what has been discussed so far in this thread can also be found in a similar related thread on Audiogon started back on 5/25/18 by Vinny55:
“Which material sounds better for speakers construction? Wood, Ply or MDF?”

i noted in more specific detail on that thread, more than I am here, about how and why Paradigm’s Persona Speakers use 7 Layers of High Density Fiberboard (HDF) with internal cross-sectioning of Marine Fiberboard.  I suggest referring to that thread for many similar points made about cabinet construction in this thread as many things will get restated here that you can find there.