Metal cabinet speakers

I like the idea of a very strong inert metal cabinet. Besides Magico, Steinheim and T+A.. who else makes metal cabinet speakers?
The entire box doesn't need to be made out of concrete.  You could make the baffle from aluminum or some other material that is practical.  My point is that making the entire box of a ludicrously expensive speaker out of a single material is ridiculous.  Making it in a factory and shipping it somewhere is ridiculous.  It doesn't translate if the point is to get the best performance for your $685k.  What is going on here is that the guys who make the decisions for these companies have been around enough rich people to know just how vulnerable their vanity makes them.  
Through NEWAS, an audio club now gone I had the opportunity to hear the Sason Ltd. Granite speakers that Ridge Street Audio brought up with his Poemi cables for a meeting  we had.  The Positive Feedback article was written by the host of the meeting.  Affectionately called Roozer.

It was truly a unique experience especially since the speakers were set up in a 2 story great room with balcony and about 45' x 28' in floor space.  It filled the room.  On talking with Robert and  Steve on the research and work to  get the granite, internal wiring and speaker terminals (no binding post) right was eye opening.  I wish I had the money to buy them back then, although I still love my Soliloquy 6.3's.

It is amazing what you can use for speaker cabinets if you are willing to try.


 Speaking of concrete speakers, there was a company in Sweden named "RAUNA" that made such a thing!  I heard a pair in the early eighties here in Las Vegas at a used stereo store.

@verdantaudio Have you heard the Magico M2? It has 1 piece carbon fiber cabinet. Sounded amazing to me. 

Also the graphene drivers on the newer magicos are awesome.