Met Danny Carey from Tool, what a Super Guy

Just wanted to share a great experience. I attended a drum clinic yesterday at Sam Ash music in PA. Being a drummer myself, I love live music and drummers especially. Well, I was blown away when I heard that one of my most respected inspirations in the business was coming to town. For those of you who dont know of Danny Carey of Tool, please give a listen or do a search on this guy. He is a truely remarkable person. His talent is incredible.. He plays with such emotion and power. Average to above average drummers cant even believe some of the chops he plays..needless to say I am always amazed with his playing.
Long story short, the drum clinic lasted about 2 hours. Danny couldnt have been more humble and down to earth. He spoke eloquently and on point. He also expressed how he wanted to give thanks to his fans and people that supported him through the years. After an outstanding solo performance, he took the time to sign autographs and meet each and evey last fan! So refreshing in the world of "bling bling" and no talent bands... Thank you Danny Carey for really making one of my dreams come true!!by the way, if anyone wants to have me email some pics...drop me a line!!
Just thought I would share!!
Happy listening,
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You are a lucky man Joe. I haven't been to a clinic in about 10 years. It was Dave Weckl and man was this guy impressive, and being a drummer myself, I'm particular with my musical choices. Rush, The Police, Dave Matthews and TOOOOOOOOOOOOL. These days I find myself listening to a lot more Tool than anything. These guys are on par with Rush as far as talent goes and I do hope to see Danny in clinic some day. I'm off to work, but I'll try to e-mail you for pics later. Thanks. Gary.
wow, i'd love to see those pics. Now if he'll only come to the pacific northwest.