Messenger and Doshi mkII preamplifiers

Has anybody heard both these preamplifiers and what are the impressions?

I am currently looking at preamps and have had the opportunity to listen to both in unfamiliar systems. I have heard the Messenger preamp in Elliot Millwood's system at Acoustic Image and it is very special. In the context of Elliot's system (Brinkman TT, Wavestream Kinetics tube amps and DALI speakers) it was nothing short of spectacular.

My experience with the Doshi was at the RMAF. Certainly less than ideal conditions and by the time I stopped by the room I was pretty frazzled from auditioning turntables. To my memory, the system sounded good but not great. However, given the enthusiasm for this preamp by many experienced users on this forum, it is certainly a preamp I want to listen to again before making a final decision. I am also looking forward to hearing member's initial impressions of the new Aria preamp.

Good luck.