Mesh network versus a simple Wi-Fi extender

In anyone’s experience, does implementing a pricier Mesh network yield any sonic advantages to just using a good Wi-Fi extender and running a good Ethernet cable from that?  From people who have very good streamer setups it seems like using a simple but good Wi-Fi extender from TP-Link etc. is more than fine.  Thoughts?



I use a netgear extender for a pretty good hi rez headphone system.  I have for comparison purposes connected my streamer directly to my modem.  In doing so I hear no difference in SQ from the 100ft run in a 2 story house using the extender.  If you're only connecting one component like a router you don't need to invest in a mesh system, imo.  ymmv.

@fuzztone Don’t worry about SQ. It’s all about the network.

I am having difficulty reading this post - what are you saying?


If the network is rock solid, the SQ probably will be fine. If not that is the first thing to improve.

Try cheaters.

I suggest that mesh is the best if you have low interference; things like Microwaves (kitchen) and other devices generate noise and can attribute slow to no network information. Modern equipment falls back to the lowest speed to compensate and, if left to auto for channel selections, will adopt less congested channels.


As for SQ, a packet that arrived is a perfect packet unless it’s not, then it’s sent again till it does arrive perfect, or you get dropouts after X number of retries. It makes no difference in what equipment you choose to use; SQ is the same. As long as the packet arrives...