Mesh network versus a simple Wi-Fi extender

In anyone’s experience, does implementing a pricier Mesh network yield any sonic advantages to just using a good Wi-Fi extender and running a good Ethernet cable from that?  From people who have very good streamer setups it seems like using a simple but good Wi-Fi extender from TP-Link etc. is more than fine.  Thoughts?


Been using a Netgear extender for years. Never had  problems/dropouts. Excellant SQ.  Extender runs from Modem at one end of the house, up one floor to the opposite side of the house to my streamer. Supra ethernet both sides. Over 100 ft. distance   If you're just wiring one component like a streamer, use an extender.  No need for a mesh system.

@designsfx I can’t speak to the improved sound “quality” of streaming but I had previously suffered continuous dropouts and stuttering (for lack of a better description) which was driven by the router. When changing equipment I had been advised to use extenders (Powerline) as opposed to mesh but it was the router that made the real difference (using Amplifi Alien). The extenders have worked out great.

Power lines work for network but doees not fear well for the turntables. I heard quite loud packet clicks through the phono stage. Removing power extender removed the clicks. For streaming I use wireless extender (although it does degrade the wireless network somewhat) connecting it via cable directly to the streamer. Later solution seems to be working better in my case.

@fuzztone Don’t worry about SQ. It’s all about the network.

Not necessarily. Sound does degrade with poor network connection, it is not even a subtle difference. 

That’s the case at my place. I needed a network connection for a music server- the powerline was the easiest method of achieving that.

Range extenders are terrible. Never use an extender using your electric circuits. There are many options on putting in a network in your home. Wired network with switches is the best. If you don’t have or can’t put in a wired network, then a mesh network is your best option. The next option is using multiple routers throughout your home.

There are multiple ways to install a mesh network or a network with multiple routers. I setup my mesh network in a wired bridge configuration using the latest tri-band wifi6e nodes. I tripled my wifi network speeds throughout the home. My music server uses wifi and my dac is connected straight to the router. Since implementing my mesh network, my connections to the server are more reliable and the speed increase is huge.