Mesa Tigris - Opinions Requested

Can anyone provide feedback on the Mesa Tigris integrated amp?
I had one . It is very well made . sounds great ! Mesa is a great company & will answer any questions. Great for driving Grado rs 1's But could not drive the high imp. Senheiser HD 600's
I auditioned three integrateds; C-J CAV50, Densen Beat 100 and the Tigris. The Tigris was the best, hands-down. However, I purchased the Beat because it was a very close second at half the price. Please see my ad selling the Densen if your interested.
i had a tigris for about 8-months. i thought it sounded very good. it has much flexibility with all its "bells and whistles" . it did start to exibit some "pops and clicks" thru the speakers towards the end of my ownership-don't know if this was a bad tube or maybe a bad tube socket. mesa does seem to be backing out of the home audio market in my area. ??..........good listening.....