Mesa Boogie Tube amps interested in your thoughts

I just came across this beautiful dual mono tube amp. With big beautiful amber meters. This amp looks great, but I have never had a chance to listen to one. Any thoughts would be nice. Thanks
Are you referring to the Mesa Baron (uses KT-88 tubes) that runs in pentode and triode (and combinations thereof)?
Bojack - you've got the right company actually. Mesa at one point did however produce a couple audiophile home-audio amps - the "Mesa Baron" tube power amplifier, and the "Mesa Tigris" tube integrated amplifier are the only two I know of. I think they were introduced around '97? There are some reviews available for both on the web. I've never seen or heard either - they come up for sale here every once in a long while.
Yes, I've owned two Barons and two Tigris integrated in the past few years. The Baron is a monster tube amp that will drive about any speaker out there, but make sure the unit has had the upgrades done do it. Mesa still provides service and parts for these amps and they have somewhat of a cult following. They can be found on the 'Gon and Ebay for around $1500-$1700.
I've also owned a Mesa Baron. Had all the mods done to it. Very versatile and punchy for a tube amp. I ended up wanting it to sound more, well, tubey. To that end going from KT88's to 6550's helped. I ended up listening mostly in Triode. I enjoyed it very much, for a tube amp it could really rock the house, and offered some variety in the ability to vary global feedback, as well as switching from triode to ultralinear as I recall, with a partial option as well. It's not what I'd call a refined or delicate tube was more like tubes trying to do SS. Still, it was a fun amp and I remember it fondly. Gives off plenty of heat, and expensive to retube with good stuff. Heavy - make sure the seller has original packing if shipping.

I bought a new Mesa Baron in 1997, and still have it. I first heard the amp at the CES show in Chicago in 1996, I think. It was in a room matched up with Platinum speakers and I thought it was the best sound at the show. What has been nice is that tube sets are 1/2 price to the original owner. Midrange is liquid and I love female voice, so I have been happy for many years with the Baron. Lately I'm lusting after a BAT VK75SE though and so I think a 9/10, one owner Baron is going to get listed here soon. Sometimes it's just time for a change, and the VK75 is the only amp I would sell the Mesa for.
You guys are right! The name is Mesa Barron. Thanks for the feedback. I have no doubt about the heat output. Lots of tubes. More that most as I remember. Thanks again