Mesa Boogie Strategy 400

I have come across a tube amp that was designed to play a guitar through. A Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 ( used by many big rock bands). I am considering running two pair of Magnepan Tympanis with it. Its 200 watts into 8 ohms. Has anyone used such an amp amd will it sound as good as i expect it should. Some have already said it has a limit to it's frequency range and won't sound as good as i hope. Any ideas or thoughts from anyone on this ? thanks...
I'd love to hear more on this - I'm a guitarist who loves playing through a tube amp and I'd like to dip my toes into the tube world for home stereo, but the pricing is giving me pause. Carvin claims their T100 is great for home stereo application. Are you suggesting the Mesa Stereo amp is also excellent for home stereo use?

I run an Arcam AVR350 through some GR Research N2x monitors (86db) and I'm keen to try driving them with a tube back end. (The Arcam has pre outs for a stereo amp.) 

I bought a Jolida 502p for my hifi rig a while back…it's one of the most inexpensive high quality tube hifi amps out there (a little more expensive now as there's a newer model that can use various tube types, and includes some of the factory "upgrade" mods I payed a little more for). Try one of these things if you have the tube amp itch…it scratches that itch with aplomb.
I just got me a strategy 400 amp today to run in my home stereo. It came with two Mesa Boogie 2X10 cabinets and a Digitech RP7 valve foot board effects pedal/preamp. Will probably sell the cabinets but for now.......
Dam I forgot how much fun it is to play electric guitar through a big most badass  stereo rig  -pity my neighbors. still in cleaning, testing and Guitar mode. but a audiophile/stereo test is coming soon (I already cut the lead to the noisy Howard fan and removed the top).... I'll keep you posted
the system will be Modwright "The Truth " Oppo 105 (+mac mini server), Meitner pa6i pre amp (Audible Illusions tube preamp coming from a friend) Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 amp, Paragon Regents speakers, MK push pull  sub.
I had a 400+ Bass amp in a padded road case for many years. It replaced a Magnavox trannied Ampeg SVT/8-10" trunk which have since become desirable. After my DYI rig and the acoustic 360/361 the 80+ lb. SVT was boringly unflexible tone wise.

I bought the 400+ inoperative but pristine looking. Petaluma is just under an hour away and the folks there were happy to see one in for service. I was given a tour of the factory where I saw the Barron amplifier for the first time. In my opinion this is one very cool company. Nice people, everything done in house, and of course vacuum tubes.

Sorry to say that amplifier took a real licking on a short tour and it was sold a few years later in perfect working order. My current backline gear is microscopic by comparison. I get the Double Bass and the rig to the car in one trip.