Mesa Barron with Martin Logan speakers

Anyone own a Mesa Barron and uses them with Electrostatic speakers of any brand. Also any comments about the Barrons sound. Does it have enough balls for Electrostatics, particularly ML's. Thanks
As a past owner, I don't think the Mesa is a hiend amp.

It lacks detail, air and soundstage ability.

The bias control/balance controls are poorly designed,
as is the power supply regulation and overload protection(check the four resistors located by the balance/bias controls in each channel and make sure they're not burned or blown,before make an offer on an amp.

All the controls are fun, but I rather have an amp that's
optimized for one mode of operation.

If you want to soften the sound of your system, you've found your amp.


PS- I had a triamp version and tried it with EL-34 & 6L6s.
The 6L6s had better bass control and impact.
Suggest that you search the archives. Lots of takes there.