Mesa Baron and Mani-II any thoughts?

I'm looking for a new amp in the $1500-$2000 range(used/demo) for my Totem Mani-II. I'm almost sold on the Bryston 4b St but would consider staying with tubes (I'm currently using a pair of cary cad 50m mkII). Would the Mesa handle the load or would I be short changing myself with this amp. The associated equipment would be Cary slp98 and Cal Audio cl-15. If anybody has any ideas or other recommendations it would be much appreciated.
Thanks Garrett
The mesa would be fine the Rouge tempest Integrated would also be a good choice.
The Baron was effortless in hanlding the load/impedance swings of my ML CLS's (never needed full pentode, usually two-thirds triode). Even compared to the Baron with stock tubes, the Bryston is dry sounding to me in comparison, although I am considering it as an upgrade to drive my subs. Upgraded tubes (i.e. NOS 12AX7's at reasonable cost and biggest improvement, or NOS 6L6GC's if you don't mind the cost) bring performance to significantly higher level. Good luck.
I owned a Baron (18 months)until recently and was driving ML CLS II's with no problems in the same mode as Jim. I had Mazda Chrome Plates (4 @ $50ea) and Svetlana 6L6GC (12 @ $19ea) matched sextets. This was the best combo after MANY variations of Tungs, Teles, Mullards, etc. etc.

The Cary would be an awesome match with the Mesa and there is no way on earth that the Totems will present it with near as difficult a load as either of the full range electrostats mentioned.

BTW, the Mesa will soundstage the Bryston's pants off.