Merry Christmas to Me.....New tonearm on the way

I got back into vinyl in the very early 2000's. Great time for buying records after buying into the perfect sound forever in the 80's. Sometime later I bought my Teres 340, which was a far reach in my pocket. Since i spent all the $$$ on a good TT, I had to buy a temporary  tonearm. Enter the Origin Live Illustrious 3. However that was 12-14 yrs ago . The TT sounds so good that I just upgraded other parts of the system without thought to the tonearm.

I have been on the hunt for a tonearm for about 6 months now. I finally pulled the trigger on a TriPlanar Mk Vii which  was just updated to the latest specs. it should be here tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the final piece of a puzzle which has taken a long time.

That said, many tweaks have been done previously to the system and more to go. My system has never sounded better. But I suspect the TriPlanar will take it up even further. But I still great respect for the OL arms



Congrats! no over the top crazy hyperbole from me. Just a happy Triplaner Mk7 owner for about 4 years now. Enjoy the music and the journey!


Congrats on the Teres, a table that shoots far above its weight. Got my fingers crossed your new one is an improvement on the OL, a mighty fine arm in its own right.

Good tonearm, however, if you feel that you have optimized all other aspects of your vinyl playback system, you may be slightly disappointed with the results of simply adding a new tonearm.. I'd be willing to bet that I could make some less expensive tweaks, adjustments or changes, that you'd notice the improvements more significantly. Getting vinyl playback close to perfect is a very involved set checks and balances (so to speak).. For instance (just for starters), has your existing phono equipment been set up by a professional? There are a number of seemingly small variants that can make a sizable difference. (Or do you consider yourself a professional?) And that's just to start.

Secondly, what kind of record cleaning and preservation equipment do you have. 

A perfectly cleaned LP (assuming that it's not completely worn out) can astonish you, when you listen to the results. And that's just another small "tweak" in the playback chain.  Get the picture?. I would hate to think the have concluded that "just throwing money at it" will give you results worthy of the investment.. But I'm not saying that it won't help.

Good Luck

The TriPlanar is a much better design and will sound better if you know what to listen for. Pitch over long sustained notes will be more stable. It will handle warps better.

Setting up an arm once you know what you are doing is a straight forward process taking at most 30 minutes.  Some audiophiles prefer to make a circus out of it, gushing over a second or two of angle. The delude themselves.