MerrillAudio Veritas to drive Raidho D1 at NY Show

Merrill Audio Veritas mono amplification will be used along with the latest Kondo G70 preamplifier to drive the Raidho D1's at the upcoming NY Audio show.


The Raidho are supposed to be ONE of, if not, the best speakers made. I have been looking to have an opportunity to hear the brand. Now I will get to hear them with a model of amps I own. That I think are one of the best amps made. Sweet.

I realize it is not the same to hear them as in my system but this is cool.

Has anyone had a chance to hear any Raidho and what are your impressions. Also what was the equipment driving them.
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I heard Raidho D1 at CES this January, IIRC with JRDG electronics and a JL sub. The CD demo included very aggressive violin and piano music selected by the speaker designer to show if the speaker could deliver sharp transients without stridency. It was an impressive demo-- loads of nuance and dimensionality and attack from those tiny monitors! Maybe a tad brittle, possibly due to a shortcoming of the CD source, which appeared to be a modest player that I didn't identify. However on a price-adjusted basis I'm not yet convinced and like you am looking forward to hearing the D1s once more in NYC.
Haven't heard the D1 yet, but the C1.1 is very special. It can can fill up a medium size room wall to wall and floor to ceiling with realistic imaging and dynamic sound that is hard to believe for such a small speaker. Most importantly, it gets the timbre of instruments correctly. I look forward to the D1. According to a source I trust, the biggest difference is the significant increase in bass dynamics and power handling. If it truly outperforms the C1.1s, I'll be saving up.
I had the opportunity to audition the C1.1s recently. I agree with you completely. In fact, I have never heard another speaker that comes close to the stunning sound the C1.1s produce. I have not heard the D1s yet.