Merrill VERITAS Red fuse upgrade

I urge all future & existing VERITAS owners to get the upgrade ASAP! I had mine upgraded about 3 weeks ago & they have never sounded better. Imaging(which is already one of the VERITAS's strong points) is now even better! More dimensional & vivid image. Separation from the speakers has also improved which makes the soundstaging more precise. Not sure if it's due to the blacker background people have mentioned is a plus from Synergetic Research‘s Red fuse all I know is I like it alot! Bass has more authority & texture now also. All from a fuse?! Amazing! Such big benefit for little(in a world of $10K+ cables) cost should not be passed up!
My Merrill VERITAS amps continue to impress me & audio buddies. I couldn't be happier with my purchase I made almost two years ago. Never a hiccup just pure audio bliss!

Quiet/no heat/no maintenance/small size/high power/low power consumption/bulletproof quality construction/excellent sound

BTW- Next week I have a JPS Lab's excellent Kaptivator power cord coming & will be trying it on the VERITAS! I’ll keep ya posted…...
I've never heard textured bass. Amazing!
Do I buy it from you or your friend?
I find audiophile fuses amusing in that, when they blow, people get mad and think they bought a defective fuse. But when a regular fuse blows, they look elsewhere for the problem.