Merrill Taranis vs Wyred4sound ST-500

I'm looking for a replacement for my Gen 1 Wyred4sound ST-500. I'm playing exclusively digital flac through an exogal comet to PS Audio BHK preamp. Speakers are Ohm 5000. I'd prefer to stick to class D for efficiency and a stereo amp due to space limitations (large room, but it's not all mine if you know what I mean). 

I'm considering a Merrill Taranis. If anyone has experience with both these amplifiers I'd like to know how much (or if any) improvement I can expect replacing the Wyred with the Merrill. Is it worth making a change?
Think about ATI 500NC line. Hypex N-Core engine,  Linear power supply, What's not to like?
Also check out Nord, Apollon and amplifiers based on NCore NC500 and NC1200 or the new Purifi 1ET400A amp modules. Many options out there.
Another vote for ATI 500NC and sound quality is stupendously good without the bling!