Merrill amps at Audiophile Society meeting

I went to the meeting at David Nemzer's house and came away very impressed with the Merrill Veritas amps that were being demonstrated. I've heard David's Pipedream speakers many times, but have never heard them sound this good. Several club members made the same observation. Looking forward to hearing the amps again soon.

Other Comments from the group? -- Mark Block
Hi Mark, Merrill Veritas are indeed very musical and impressive amps... Hope you have the opportunity of listening to a pair that has at least 1000 hours of music making on them! G.
I was also at the meeting. I commented at the time that they were the best SS amps I had heard on David's system. They controlled his speakers like I hadn't heard before and were also musical. This is coming from someone who's preference is direct coupled amps and efficient loudspeakers.
I was so impressed with the amps (with the Sanders speakers and the Raidho's in another room) that I decided to get a pair and Merrill installed them a couple of days before the Audiophile Society meeting. They are connected to my original Quad 63 speakers and I am thrilled with the dynamic and not ever shrill sound. They replaced early ARC tubed amps, and I feared losing some of the tube magic, but no regrets at all. They are still a long way from broken in, but I'm happily listening at every opportunity. The cables are single-ended with Cardas connectors to the balanced inputs, and so far that is working wonderfully, though eventually I'll see about true balanced cables.
I was not at that Audiophile Society Meeting but I did go to the Merrill room at the recent NY Audio Show. I was impressed with what Merrill had to offer. The speakers in that room were the very revealing Roger Sanders electrostatics and the resulting presentation was exceptionally great. As far as I was concerned it ranked in the top three best sounds at the show. Being that the Merrill amps were scrutinized by the Sanders electrostatics, it follows that the Merrill amps put on a sensational show.
I concur. I had an opportunity to listen for a couple of hours a day before the meeting and really enjoyed the sound. I too have heard David's system many times and this was the best.
Mark, I also was impressed with the amps. Dave's Pipedreams sounded the best I've heard and I suspect the amps had a good deal to do with it.

Rick (RWD)
Hello fellow Club members and Guido. I remember telling David and Ross about the Hypex NC1200/NC400 and Merrill's Veritas amps at a club meeting last year that 202 Audio hosted for us.

At that time Merrill was finalizing his Veritas. A few weeks later we had a chance to hear the Veritas at Ross house with his Pipedreams. Unfortunately, even though Ross had a pair of expansive power cords that he uses with his amps the Veritas did not play well with them at all. But once we switch power cords it was another story and after an hour or so it got even better. But by that time most of those attending that night had left.

I wish I could have been at the meeting to hear the Veritas in David's system but I had a prior engagement. I most likely will be away on business for the next meeting too so this thread could be an opportunity for me to hear the opinions of my fellow club members.

Thanks for the posting Mark.

Also any in attendance have not heard the full potential of the Veritas. Put some hours on them, a better power cord(one that it likes), swap out the Stillpoints Ultra Mini footers for the Stillpoints Ultra SS. You will be surprised what the SS can do.

Guido, what makes you say "1000 hours" on them? Just curious.

Nice! Merrill will be hosting the July meeting of the New Jersey Audio Society. I am looking forward to hearing these amps. Any Jersey folks out there interested in attending, please let me know.
I have the Merril Amps, and I was surprised myself when I switched power cords to the Lessloss Sig, there was a noticeable improvement in sound. It was more analog sounding, and the high-end was more detailed/dynamic.

Did not expect this at all - - I find it interesting you have noticed this power cable opportunity as well. . .

I am curious what power cables did you use that you found better?
Dan92075: I have not tried that many, yet. A friend who has the Veritas likes his Combak Harmonix Cables with it very much. Maybe it would be worth to start a thread and see.
I think I will as I am curios too.