Merlin Z-feet

Has anyone used other feet/platforms other than the supplied feet? How did the sound change?
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use the z feet, it took 2 years to design them specifically for the vsm.
you won't do better.
We provide Audiopoints to Merlin owners all the time, and their responses are uniformly positive.

I guess some people just like the Audiopoints better.
i vote for the Z FEET.. nothing on this planet is sharper .
i am not going to say anything more than it is incredibly important to level the speakers. if the feet are not internally adjustable and you are simply unscrewing the foot, you have increased the shearing potential by having it rest on the threads alone. the z foot is internally adjustable and can be locked to the bottom of the speaker reducing this sheering problem. the resonance of the foot itself is dealt with in a very sophisticated manner. it is reduced and moved to a point where it does not interfere with the speaker in any manner.
use what you want but you can't do better in a tonally accurate system.