merlin with conrad johnson?

Background: I used quite a while audiostatics (loved it!) afterwards some professional studio monitors, later a fully blown studio system made by acustik lab, now I am going to join the merlin vsm mxe owners - after having heard an early vsm (gen III) at a friends place.
My question: I have been using the Pathos Twin Towers, Conrad Johnson PV12 + premier 11A, Krell 300iL and most recently an Einstein integrated (all sh); what should I keep for the merlins?
Or is there really only the way through berning, joule, or atma's?
btw: sources are rock tt with rega/benz, and the updated Bow ZZ8, a great device.
thanks for your consideration!
I like VSM-MXs with a BAT VK75SE. I believe Bobby P. feels that the BAT and many other amps are over-prominent in the presence region. But with this amp I can position the speakers 1'-2' further apart for increased scale while maintaining focus. I suspect the CJ would be a good match.
hi egidius,
the vsm has a degree of damping to control amplitide and resonance so it is best to use the speakers with more fleshed out/relaxed electronics. in order of being fleshed out/relaxed i would select the cj, then the pathos and then the krell. no need for high current and high damping/feedback here. the mxe with be much happier with ss and we have many using them now with ayre, mac and many others with good solid comments of approval from owners. but they still shine on tube electronics. i would keep the cj and see how you like it on the speakers and then decide to stay or move to something else after hearing it. the cables will be even more important in my opinion. what are you planning on using for cables and what source pieces?
hi bobby!

(I have asked him of course before, so this his public answer detailed elsewhere before: Thanks!)
I notice, Einstein does not appear in this equation? I suppose it is too early, as it has been just a year since they appeared in the states, whereas in europe they have been long acclaimed. Anyway, I do have three different sets of speaker cables, which I want to weed out as well: straight wire rhapsody, einstein, and a handmade sven boenicke cable, which is basically one solidcore, comparable to DNM reson.
Source should really stay the bow. It is very able, if a tad full at the bottom. Nice pace.
hi dgarretson, so I thought! Interesting setup you have. I might hold on to my bass correction system just to see how it fares, even though i actually want to get rid of it: My Stella Novus woofer is essentially what later became a Velodyne DD15, all there except for the added software compatibility. BUT - my aim has been to simplify life. chuck away useless things - and a woofer is quite useless for a violinist like me ;-)
i have not heard the einstein amp and what i do not know i do not comment on.
design seems good but you must listen to it on the speakers too and decide that for yourself.
dave g is a very bright man and he really knows what he likes. his amp does sound a little too present for my tastes and he is right that he can pull the speakers farther apart but he will lose tonality and would then be a good candidate for a sub.
the likelihood that you will need one is remote if you liked the gen 3s. the mxes sound much more room filling and fleshed out, more continuous, more complete, more expansive and offer a real improvement in the musical center. all important things to a violinist like yourself. depending on your room size, i am very doubtful you will want a sub but again, leave that decision for when you get the vsms broken in and judge for yourself. i quite sure i know the way you will go on that topic.
which einstein do you have, the 50 watter or 100 watter? and which output tubes, 34s?
Hello, the einstein is called "the absolute tune" which seems somewhat absolute to me, but it does deliver; I am not a technician, it is an ciclotron-OTL design making 50 watts, and not output tubes: it actually uses one mosfet per channel, but has four 6922 in the prestage. egidius
this is something you have to hear for yourself egidius.
i was thinking of something else but this is very interesting. bel amps do sound very good too, keep that in mind if need be.
50 watts is more than enough power and the output impedance should be high making for an undamped sound.
one listen will tell all for you.
Ther is nothing like an OTL spes on the merlins.
Oi Bobby when are my MXE's finished? :))

Also Egidius has bought my Berning amp...will be sorry to see it go :(

I had also had great results using the Leben CS-300X integrated. Its an EL84 design but seems to love the Merlins.

Now i'm looking for an amp after the departure of the Berning next week.

Bobby, what element of the new mxe speakers makes them more easier to mate with solid state?

well here I am with the berning, having sold my stella speakers in order to make space for the merlins. The surprise will all be mine, i suppose. I have checked the berning in the studio (on a sota sovereign analysis system, which is quite inefficient, so no direct comparison, and that is very promising.