Merlin what have you seen?

Out of curiosity and to have some fun what most exotic amplifier has been used with this VSM speaker? Atma-sphere ma3? Lamm, Audio Research 610T's, Ref600 MK2's, VTL Ref750's, Cat JL3 Sig., MK2, Dartzeel, Jadis, Zanden????? Bryston Squared 28's, Bat 600SE, Krell , Levinson , MBL 9008 and 9001's, Boulder 2000 series stereo and mono blocks, Rowland, VAC Statement 450?
And how did they sound??
Out of all these which would work best??
The one thing that I appreciate about the Merlin VSM is that you don't need a "BEAST" of an amplifier to make them sing.

Most of the manufactures that you have listed have lower power and less expensive amplifiers that match better with the VSM.
Give me the one with the lowest damping factor and I'll take my chances.
I'll be receiving, hopefully next week, a new pair of VSM's I purchased from Bobby at the RMAF. I'll be driving them with my older Atmasphere MA-1's and MP-1. Can't wait. I'll let you how it works out.