Merlin vsm with BAM between pre and power

Any merlin owners like to use BAM between pre amp and power amp…. (instead of connecting it between source and pre amp)
sometimes we'll use it between the pre and power.

othertimes we like it in the tape loop.

oftentimes we'll put in right between the source and pre.

every time we love it.
m, it was designed to be used between the source and pre or in a tape loop. this way it is buffered by the output section of the pre. however if your system sounds too heavy/dull or you use a subwoofer you may prefer it between the pre and power. but without a sub prior to the pre is best especially with a tube pre amp.
best, bobby at merlin
When I owned the VSM, I used the SBAM in every combination and to be honest, I could not discern any difference. When I had multiple sources, I had the SBAM between the pre and the amp, but when I switched back to just one source, I put it between the source and pre. With your equipment it may yield different results. Give all the combinations a try, you cannot hurt anything.
thank you for the inputs

Audio aero prsetige has a pre with the cd player....if i use a solid state power amp then i have to use it between pre and power.... is there any buffer isues then
there are no major issues, so relax...and enjoy! you own a major great speaker system!

for what its worth, i've also even run my audio aero w/built in pre stage, to my bam, to my amps. with great success!

the differences in placement, in my experience are subtle but noticable, and only you can determine what you like best.

there will be no problem in any configuration, b@m expressed his thoughts on the matter, and I've found his input most valuable. So go ahead and experiment and decide what YOU like best. thats the beauty of the sport.

i should add that I've noticed that when running on 100% battery, when the charge on the batteries gets way LOW the resultant distortion and, what? dc? "noise" is more-so noticable when the bam is between pre and amp...than when bam is in the tape loop or between source and pre. just an observation. obviously, we need to be ahead of the curve and should not strive to let such occurances happen, but...sometimes i've fallen asleep while listening to music etc...

you can't go wrong, and you are the only judge.

great luck and enjoy you great spkrs!
o, good observations.
bobby at merlin

thought of buying a solid state power amp . any suggestions... $ 4000 to $ 5000
Belles is a good match for Merlin
m, what verion of the vsm do you have?
some sound better with ss than others.
best, b
On the subject of BAMs, I recently received the MasterBAM RC Networks.

I've already commented elsewhere on the VSMs in general so I won't rant about how good I think these speakers are. I will say this regarding the Master BAM, just when you think a speaker can't get better, the MBAM indeed brings worthwhile improvements to the already superb MXe. Besides what appears to me to be quieter background and therefore more transparent soundstage and intrument localization, which are worthwhile in their own right (mind you I always use the BAM in AC mode) the MBAM really shows its stuff on acoustic bass, take a song like Autumn Leaves by Patricia Barber with very well recorded bass, the MBAM creates a clearer sense of bass presence and bloom and articulateness. I'm sure there are improvements from top to bottom, but I've focused on the bass because it was so noticeable, and given that this is, after all, a smallish monitor with an integrated stand, the bass is truly first-rate, at least for acoustic instruments and I really don't think the idea of adding a subwoofer at this point would make any sense - the speaker simply sounds natural and balanced and better than ever.

If you own the VSMs, upgrading to the Master BAM is simply a no brainer, you will get improved performance equal to or greater than making changes to sources or electronics. The key to this speaker has always been its approach to producing good bass from a two-way speaker, and the key to that has been the use of the BAM to produce that bass without having to move to a multiple-driver approach with a bigger box and woofer. By making the BAM better than ever at producing bass, it is simply the next step in getting the most from a speaker that might just the most well sorted speaker in the world from years of focus on the basic design and wringing the most that design can give. To say the least I am impressed, and this with my small (summer months) Music Reference RM10s, next up will be the Atma-sphere M60s and Music Reference RM9 Special Edition, both of which are better amps.....

Placement? between source and pre (single source - EMM Labs CDSA SE)

mine is a VSM MMe
The Master BAM/RC upgrade would be well worth it for your MMe.
belles 150hr is a very musical ss amp that is pretty much perfect in every meaningful way with the merlins i've owned, and could very easily end your search, if that's what you're looking for. its very close to the magical flow of a nice tubed amp.

but, if you're looking to be swapping gear alot maybe stay away from the belles, because you'll have to spend alot more monies to get any marginal improvement.

tubed ive found even more satisfaction with atma's otls, the m60 are wonderful, and the ma-1 magical with my vsm.

i believe you will have a hard time finding an amp that will not work well with your spkrs. also loads of info has been shared on the various online forums to help point you in the right direction.

have fun!

any solid state power amp suggestion.....

does MMe work better with SS than tubes
m, the mme is fantastic with ss and even better sounding with good tube gear.
a preamp will make the use of the sbam and its sound even better.
all combinations will offer great sound with some being better in certain ways.
the mme is a very versatile design that sounds good with both. do you know of the master bam and master rc's?
best, bobby
Oakleys, I have used many tube amps (CAT JL2,QSV4, Music Reference RM9SE and 10s and Ars Sonum, etc) and several First Watt and Pass XA.5 SS amps with the Merlins, I too have found no better amp than the Atma-sphere M60s, I suppose the Joules would be right up there too with a bit of a different flavor. All personal preference, but OTLs and Merlins are about as good as it gets, but as Bobby says, and I'm sure you know, the Merlins are great speakers with any high quality amp.

Hi bobby

any suggestions for SS power amps to be used with Audio aero CDP
m, with no pre?
More on the Master BAM. Maybe I have 20 hours on it. Don't know if it is getting better, proabably is, but truth is I was looking for it to do that - was great "out of the box". Today, 3-4 Lucinda Williams albums. Not sure how the Master BAM does it, but all the signal is going through it from the source (EMM Labs)and the best way I can describe it, and when you hear it you knwo what I am talking about, is that it simply seems like there is less between the recording and what I am hearing. Less noise, less compression, less coloration, less flattening out of dynamics, in a word, less of the obvious sonic signature of electronics (a sure case of less is more), why I say the upgrade is every bit as noticeable as an upgrade to a preamp or amp. Does this make the Super BAM obsolete? Heck no; it was and is still part of a great sounding Merlin-based system. Yet, if you were heare the SuperBAM and then the MasterBAM and asked which you wanted to keep, I think your choice would be easy. Now the fact that the Deuland upgrade is not cheap, might cause you pause, it is alot of money, but, if you have it, and want more from your Merlins, it is well worth the money IMHO.

pubul thanx

i surely wlll go for all kinds of upgrades possible for merlins including the much waited merlin subwoofer too!!!

hello bobby

thank you for your inputs

options are

1, SS power amp with my capitol reference CD with inbult pre (BAM between pre and power)

2, SS integrated

3, SS power now later add a pre(valve or SS)

which way to go...but i want a SS amp

audio aero pre is only OK. my audio aero has the pre option too.

id suggest that before you upgrade your merlins, you get good and familiar with what you have/get and then make the move, or not.

i'd also suggest you consider a nice tubed preamp and tube amp to really help with the smiles! for example, perhaps you have ever noticed that ALLmost all electric guitar players uses tubed amps? ever wonder why...there is a reason. ok, i'll give you a hint..the sound! woops, that's the answer.

i've had loads of like with atam mp-3, and even more with mp-1. having the option to tube roll in your pre will also allow you to further fine tune your system to your satisfaction.

good luck
pubul57, indeed. i was VERY happy for a very long time with my m60/mp-3. However, I almost always noticed a certain...something...and well, considering that my taste in music is all across the board, and as i was a sick fool...i mean audiophile, i made the move to the ma-1/mp-1

i thought maybe some headroom was all i was missing with the m60, but with the!!! all that AND more, heat too! also enhanced experience at lower listening levels.

agree also that the merlins are an easy spkr to drive and most any amp will do.

i've found that "otl watts" need to be aplenty though, for...better...results.
I bet the MA1 are a step up, but I'm not sure I could stay in the same room with it in the summer:)
Pubul57..don't forget that you can always pull output tubes from your atma's, less power, but less heat too! then when you wanna unleash the beast...