Merlin VSM vs. Gallo Reference 2 or 3

Has anyone out there ever compared the sound of the Merlin VSM series of speakers to the Gallo Reference 2 or 3 speakers? I own the Gallo Reference 2 speakers and run them with a Berning ZH270 amp and Supratek Syrah tube preamp. I love the sound from this combo, but I am curious if anyone has heard the Merlins (any incarnation) and the Gallos (maybe at a CES show or in a system) in someones home. I know the Berning and Merlin is supposed to be a magic combo. I could never afford a new set of Merlins, but might consider a used set. What is the difference soundwise in the various in carnations of this speaker?
Check the various threads here for lots of discussions about the VSMs in all the different iterations. Also check Stereophile website as they did a review a couple years ago of the latest version.
Actually the Stereophile review is of the VSM Millenium. And from what I understand as good as the Millenium was the VSM-MM and VSM-MX are even better.

I auditioned the VSM-MM and it knocked my socks off. It will be my next speaker.

You can email member "banksfriend". He heard the VSM-MX at my place, and he has commented before on listening to the Gallos. Cheers,
If you have the Berning ZH-270,is there any alternative speakerwise than the Merlins ?This conclusion is made by reading many threads and posts.
I am waiting for my Merlin VSM-MM's .Will be using the Pathos Logos amp(hybrid amp with ss output,therefore the choice of the MM above the MX version)However,am going to try some Quad 2 Mono's on them ,using the pre outs of the Logos.Will see how that works.OTL's unfortuanately not within my budget(Will also have to import the OTL's).
I think from what I have read that you really must try the Merlins with the Berning OTL.
Good Luck
Thanks for the input. I just heard from a friend in Dayton, Ohio, and he says he will be getting a pair of the VSM-MM's after the first of the year. I will make it a point to pack up my Berning amp and go up and hear them.
Tom maybe you could describe the sound of your system, and we could extrapolate the differences from that to a certain extent. As you know I have the Berning and Syrah and VSM-M which I intend to upgrade the the MX. The sound is like reproduced music should sound to me, true to the way it was recorded, no embellishment which means on great recordings you can be transported to the venue without ever analyzing what is missing. The highs are very extended, the bass especially with the Berning has no overhang whatsoever, complete control which keeps pace with everything else, not as deep as some designs but with the Berning it is a moot point IMO, it sounds right, closer to real bass. This is testimony to the amp as well as the speakers. With all stereovox cables the presentation is convincingly there.

If the Gallo's have any kind of signature you are going to hear it when you listen to the Merlin/Berning combo. Then you'll have to decide which sound you prefer which is always the bottom line in these matters. Of course the Merlins have a presentation that could be considered a certain signature, live but not lively, not deliberately pulled back as in some designs but tonally they are as balanced as any dynamic design I am familiar with. Their high frequency extension and smoothness, when mated with complementary components is quite special.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for contacting me about the Merlins that you will be buying. If you see this post please call me again, as I forgot to get your phone number.

Hi Will, I will give you a call to discuss the sound of the Gallo's. I am recovering from herniated disk surgury, so I am kind of "out of it" and can't type for very long at a time.

Thanks to all who have contributated to this thread. You guys are great.

. Tom, Merry Christmas !
Please post your comparison of the Merlin MSM MX and the Gallo's if you end up getting the Merlin's.
Best Regards, Larry