Merlin VSM Users- Where is the "Warmest" Location of the BAM?

From your experience- Where is the most "Warm" sounding location for the BAM?

- Between Source and Preamp
- In Preamp Tape Loop
- Between Preamp and Power Amp

Moved from Joule Electra VZN100's Power Blocks/Joule 150 MkII Preamp to ARS-Filarmonia.

At first i tried the Fila without a preamp at all, just using it's own passive attenuator, positioning the BAM between source and pre(well there is no other option with the Fila anyway...).

Sounded thin and flat in comparison to what i was used to with the Joule pre/power combo.

Added back the Joule Preamp in front of the Fila as a Power amp (attenuator wide open- not attenuating) and indeed the sound warmed up, fleshed out and got some more depth. 

Im now wondering where it would be best to position the BAM to further improve in that direction of warmth and depth/width. At the moment it's between the source and the Preamp input.


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I don't know about "warmest" but I've owned VSM's since 2007 and was in regular contact with Bobby.  He recommended the tape loop but I don't have one - I would definitely try that first.  I have found the BAM to sound best upstream of my (tube) preamp.  So in the absence of a tape loop, for one source I would put it there, otherwise downstream of the preamp.
Now a related question for you: Have you tried moving the speakers closer to the back wall for more "warmth?"  I have my speaker face ~ 4' out from the back wall for optimal imaging in my (~ 15x15) room but I'm thinking of moving them back at least a foot to see if that gives the bass a bit more weight.

A lot of gear has come and gone since 2007 but the VSMs aren't going anywhere!  I drive them with 120 Watt tube monoblocks, which also helps give them a little more kick :o)  I eventually got a pair of Merlin TSM's for my bedroom and they sound astounding with a 25 Watt stereo tube amp and a JL Fathom sub.  Those are keepers, too - very natural sounding.
The best position for the BAM is between the source and preamp. The BAM will act as an impedance buffer but the downside will be it will only be inline with one source component.  For multi source systems, Bobby recommended inserting the BAM into the pre amp’s tape loop.  If you have a multi source system without a tape loop, your last alternative is between the pre and power amp.  
Yes, between source and amp if using DAC with volume control, source and preamp otherwise. I also added a second set of inputs to my  BAM as I thought there were resolution losses when going through tape loop on former preamp.