Merlin VSM Mil. Bass

I decided to relive my yute a little and bought the Best of ZZ Top. My Merlins are pumping out punchy, visceral, thump on your chest bass. I am very familiar with their more refined, public personae. I am very happy that I discovered this rip it up, dance 'til dawn alter ego with whom I can enjoy my mini mid-life crisis.

Actually, not just the bass, every aspect of my sound has improved since I paired my Audio Logic DAC with an Accustic Arts transport. The AA took over for my Sony 5 disk changer. This DAC/transport combo with my new BPT 3.5 is making it very difficult to not hear anew just one more disk.
I think the balanced power had ALOT to do with that bass. It made all the difference for myself (Furman here). I swear by it now - I had 4 dedicated 20 or 30 amp lines, all 10AWG(2 for amps, 1 for digital, 1 for analog), with various outlets (Acme, Hubbel, P&S, FIM...)and having all but the digital hooked up to balanced power was a serious ear opener.

But I agree, Merlins crank out bass whether its Ray Brown, Lenny Kravitz, Iron Maiden, or a Mahler Symphonie.

I am just dying to mod the Furman with REAL outlets(I am a huge fan of Acme), but I just couldn't deal with the break in issues outlets have one more time! Ouch!
Monk, I have 4 Acme cryoed outlets. I just haven't gotten around to installing my dedicated lines. In the meantime, do you think I would hear a difference installing one on the outlet thar deeds my BPT unit?
Oh yea. Moe Definitely.

You would probably hear as much an effect by replacing the outlets on the BPT as well. Although the BPT has tuned its sound on those outlets provided. But definitely use them on the line feeding the BPT. Those Acme outlets really bring you to the venue - hall info gallore.

I'm not sure how many hours you have on the BPT, but my Furman took forever to breakin. I don't run my system 24/7 - just maybe 3-5 hours a day 4-5 days a week. Maybe 4-5 months went by, and all of a sudden one day it was like a light switch went on! Hall info gallore. Air, air, air with hall reflections, supreme localization of the players in the stage, wet and palpable...... of course the system is providing this, Merlins being a BIG part of it all, ...... but when you finally dial it all in, and the walls disappear in all directions, and now you have all that hall info added:) (Big Smile time)

Yea, definitely put those Acmes up stream of any gear. Like I said, I would like to add them to the Furman, but that G--D--n breakin period had me infected with upgraditis bigtime. Not a fun place to be.
I just installed an Acme cryoed outlet. I sanded the copper wire and sprayed it with DeOxit. My gear is running again. However, the soundstage shrunk. and micro and macro dynamics seem soft. Is this common? Thanks.
Things that are cryoed tend to sound a little more forward/centered, more three dimensional and weighted. Resolution up, detail down. Give it a chance to see what your perceptions will be after further breakin and listening time. My initial reaction was much like yours but after 3 days of!

I use Acme cryo outlets on 2 20 amp dedicated circuits in my listening room. Break in was lenghty. (30 days I recall) Once brken in, hard to beleive that an outlet could make that kind of difference.

Hang in there. They'll go up and down with break in but once they settle, be prepared for outstanding sound.
Thank you all for your reassurance. I will give it time to settle in.
I am new to this site. I am amazed that an outlet can make that much difference. Will an Acme cryoed outlet help
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