Merlin VSM-M & TSM-M In Same System

Current Base System: McIntosh C-2200 Tube PreAmp, MC-352 SS Amp and Merlin VSM-M W/BAM. Current Room 13'W X 25'L X 9'H.
The system sounds great, but adding a larger great room on the back of my house (25'W X 21'L X 10'H). Want to be able to fill the room with quality sound. Entertaining the idea of placing the VSM-Ms per Bobby's recommended positioning centered, 6-7' apart & about 4' out from 25' wall,and adding a set of TSM-Ms mounted on the same wall, but about 8 to 10' seaparation. I know the days of Quadrophonic are dead, but is this insane? Are the speakers a great timber match (different drivers I believe)? I had this setup with NHTs and really liked it. Any comments? Thanks in advance. Jim
Hi Jim

I feel for a music system you really don't need anything more than a properly set-up pair of VSM's. The off axis dispersion of the Esotar and Scanspeak woofer are more than enough and I would think by adding additional speakers you would probably be overdoing it, timbre matching issues aside. I am assuming this is for a music only system since you don't mention home theater. I would concentrate my attention on fine tuning the components in front of the VSM.

I also owned the NHT 2.5i's for a while. The reason why they might be enhanced by adding additional speakers would be that the sound stays within the placement boundry of the speakers due to their focused geometry angled design, definitely designed for sweet spot listening. The VSM's by contrast can be enjoyed well outside the sweet spot. On the other hand we each have our own priorities in what sounds good. I am a firm believer in less is more in the reproduction of music. The only more should be in the quality of components and attention to details in the set-up to realize the true potential of the Merlins. These speakers have no boundaries when all is right and you'll sure know it when it happens.
I had a pair of TSMs on loan before I bought VSMs. Though they are both excellent speakers with the same attention to detail in their design and construction, to my ears they had different tonal characteristics. The TSM might be a better match than other speakers but are different IMO. I think I would agree with Tubegroover on staying with the VSMs unless you want to head in the direction of HT.