Merlin VSM-M or JM Lab Mini Utopia

Please help. I'm trying to decide between these two pairs and having a hard time because I can't audition them where I live. If anyone has experience with these and can share their experience, I would much appreciate. My preference is jazz and rock. My system consists of Bat vk5i, Bat vkd5, Bel Canto 200.2. My thanks in advance.
Merlin VSM M surely wins over JM Lab streets down. Merlin sound more lively and have a very good staging. Whereas JM Lab sounds too bring.

Also, Merlin wins on the outlook.
hmmmm, i've always regarded the merlin to sounds too bring. must be a matter of testes.

Think for a moment, One brand is hand made by 2 people taking weeks if not months to perfect each individual aspect of the speaker. The result is attention to detail that is second to none! The design of the speaker is so successful that the entire company has just two models. New models don't show up every year like the other company!! Everyone seriously in the market for a pair of these speakers buys them even sight unseen and sound unheard because of the reviews and posts here and at audioreview. Call the companies and see who calls you back- The president and owner of the small company will talk your ear off if you want. When you buy the Merlins, guess who calls to see that everything is perfect and to help out with the setup. As good as the JM Labs are, and they are good! from an audiophile/cutting edge/state of the art perspective, its no contest. And I'm just a customer.
Hey Kell;behave yourslf. I got your "testes"
Hey Kell;behave yourselvf. I got your "testes" BTW;you did very well on all your tests, as in C- on all three. Another "BTW" The jeopardy question is " The creature from outer space with 3 testicles"--ans. Who is ET the extra testicle.
Merlin's hands down. Besides, who really wants to buy french now anyway.
I'll take the Merlins with a nice bottle of vintage French.
yup, my VSM's, a bottle of vintage french, and a basket full of french fries!

seriously, a sealed stand mount 2 way like the mini cannot jam. they just cannot throw enough air to R&R. the VSMs, though a 2-way, are ported, and can move a lot more air than they appear. i find that heavy bass is mostly intellectual but physical as well. a good mix. and yes, they rock & roll quite well.

All JM Labs are ported including Mini Utopia.
i stand corrected. many thanks.
Thanks to all who responded. Certainly make my decision a lot easier.