Merlin vsm m and bryston

Anyone out there using bryston gear with there merlins?
Are you pleased with the sound?
I am using Blue Circle with VSM-SE and find them a magical marriage. The VSM -"M" with the SS harness (and not the "T" tube harness) would ,after having spoken with others who use this SS harness for just such an amp/speaker combo, be as sympatico. That is the reason why Bobby designed the "M" version, was to tailor the speakers ability to mate in an even more musical manner to anyone's amp/stereo setup/configuration: tube or SS based. With my BC2's, the combo with VSM-Se ("suppossedly" a more difficult match with SS) is something to experience. Audition for yourself, if possible, is always the way to go. Speakers are the most difficult purchase for the reason that they determine the sound of your setup more than anything IMO.
Ask Bobby,, phone 716-367-2390. He's really helpful and cool. I don't own Merlins, but i know that the SE series, at least, was built for tube amps. Viel Gluck!