merlin used or new

I am debating whether I should get a used merlin vsm or save up and get a new vsm mm. One option I have is to get it used and have it upgraded it is a gen III. I am looking for a sound approaching the kharma 3.1 's. thanks.
the gen 3 cannot be upgraded to a vsm mm because the cabinet construction, enclosure material, port alignment, internal damping products and adhesives are all different. there is a substantial difference in the potential sound of the mm and gen 3 cabinet. your plan of upgrading a gen 3 is not recommended.
only certain late ses and the millennium may be upgraded to the mm and before you purchase anything used, call the factory and ask for me with the serial number and i will tell you what you are looking at.
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There you go,from the man himself.Save up for the VSM-MM,if at all possible.I did,and they are spectacular.Good luck,you can do it...Bob
Bobby will NOT steer you wrong. Give him a call.
Be careful, bobby's such a great guy you may end up buying a new pair from I know I sure did and have never looked back!

Had my late model SE upgraded to VSM-M. Then upgraded that to the VSM-MM. As above, you can't go wrong with Bobby's recommendations.

After hearing the gen 3 and being pleased I can only visualize myself going for the latest model merlin the mx. I feel as though I posted this question a little too early, I say this because after printing about 200 pages off the internet all on just the merlins I am convinced that what I am after will be found in this latest incarnation. There are so many pleased merlin owners and excellent reviews that it was exhausting just reading about them. In my earlier threads I have mentioned that I am after world class sound, what I mean by that is accurate sound stage, holographic imaging and revealing micro detail. If the gen 3 were that good I am so looking forward to the mx. I want to thank you bobby for the insightful conversation on the phone I am looking forward to getting these speakers.