Merlin TSMM's with ML 383 + ML 37 or 39????

Ive recently purchased Merlin TSMM's and a Mark Levinson 383 integrated amp.

My budget is exploded already but now I need a CD Player.

Id rather spend about $2000 for a used ML 37 but would I be giving up too much without the DAC incorporated in the ML 39?

Or will I be in great shape with the 383/37 combo?

The ML.383 doesn't have a digital input,so you can't hook up the 37 to the 383.

383/37... humm.... it's too bright.Is it not ?

Try Cary or EMC !
I agree with the suggestions above: cary or an emc1 both are better than a 39 and the 37 wouldnt even work. Also look into resolution audio and shanling. For the money though a used cary 306/100 seems to be hard to beat especially with some of them going for around 2k these days.
The other suggestion would be the Audio Aero Capitole. I have only heard this unit once and was very impressed (but once is not much of a study--so I'm certainly not an expert on the matter). Others, that are more familiar with it than myself have commented many times here on A-gon with very high praises.
Audio999 - thank you for your advice - I realize now that the 37 wont work but the 39 would.

Any votes out there for the 383 & 39 combination...?

My wife will kill me if the system doesnt look as good as it sounds...

ML.383 works perfectly with the ML.39.
ML.383 with ML.39 are really too bright in my ears.
I know that ML owner would like to match their gears,but you will get kill by your wife if you do that !!