Merlin TSM with Shindo 25 watt amp

Anyone using Merlins with Shindo amps? I am considering the pairing, but it seems somewhat uncommon. Anyone with experience with the amp/speaker combo? Bobby from Merlin is convinced that it would work. I have a mid-large size room and listen at moderate levels most of the time.
Specifications from Merlin website
8 ohms nominal
6.5 ohms minimum
14 ohms at crossover point
87 dB, 1W/1m (2.83V)
Excellent tube amplifier compatibility
Power Handling:
80 watts (program)
Maximum output 104 dB (program)
Power Requirements Suggested:
30 watts minimum (tube)
30 watts minimum (solid state)
120 watts maximum
I think looking at the above the Shindo will be at the minimum requirement but I would trust Bobby
It is a wonderful amp
Not enough. I tried the haut brion with the merlins and it was not enough, close but not enough and my room is 13 x 18 x 8. Great tone though. My preamp was a monbrison.
Hi there,

I'm running the Manley Stingray II, usually in triode mode which is barely 20 watts. My room is fairly large. This allows my Merlin TSM-MXr's to not only sound beautiful but also play louder than most people might like. I never get the impression that the amp is working hard either.
I've read about people using the same kind of power for the VSM's as well, so I can't see how this would not work for you.

Merlins can be seen here in my room...


a, since i do not know you or your listening habits, i can only offer that i use a 20 watt ss class a amp in my livigroom. it is plenty for me in a 14 x 24 x 10 foot room. this is 3360 cubics and fairly large.
rob says they work well with his amp in his room and mitchell says no. he used the vsm's which are more efficient and room filling and he was in a smaller room. no one is going to be able to advise on this because it is very personal.
for as many that use 12 watts and say it is fine for them, there are people with 40 that say its too little.
good luck.
a, the 30 watt tube guideline was made 15 years ago and was relative to the products available at that time. today there are many lower powered tube amps that drive them very well. i should change the specification.
i use a fila which is 22 watts pure class a in a 8000 cubic foot room at the factory and it sounds imho, room filling and right. remember that the tsm is imp eq-ed and runs at 6.5 to 9 ohms which is very tube friendly.
nuff said by me.
best, b
FWIW, I am running my TSM's in a 16 x 13 x 8 room with a pair of Manley Mahi monoblocks. I never take 'em out of triode mode (20 watts/channel) and they play PLENTY loud for me! I've tried them in UL mode (40 watts/channel) and I miss that glorious triode midrange. Yes, it's a matter of taste, but in a medium small room, they'll go plenty loud on 20 watts.
The Merlin VSMs are more far more efficient than most people realize.

Compared to my 96 db sensitive Horning Perikles backloaded horns using Lowther DX-2 drivers, you definitely have to go up a click or two on the volume dial, but it's surprising how close things are in that regard.

Two moderately powered tube amps I drive mine with, a push pull 6AS7G integrated and a Dynaco ST70, provide more than enough power.
I don't think "loudness" should be the only criteria here. Although I've never heard the TSMs, the Devore Super 8s that I used to have were also 87 dB. Sure they played loud and I never had to crank up the volume too high, but although they are a fine sounding speaker, I always felt that there was a little something missing... dynamics! I think this is where higher efficiency speakers really shine with lower powered tube gear. I later moved to Coral Beta 8s that are 100+ dB and they are a bit more snappy and have more bottome end. IMO they're a great match for my Shindo Montille amp. Just something to think about.
m8, lower efficent speakers can be as dynamic as heck if they are extremely linear and continuous sounding. in this way you can hear the correct balance between the micros and macros.
bobby at merlin
I have used TSMs with a Sugden A21a 25W amp, and a leben CS600 30W amp both in a 14 x 12x10 room.power has really not been an issue so long ( i sit 8 feet away)

I don't think "loudness" should be the only criteria here.

Agreed. I should have said something like, "plenty of slam and dynamics." :-)
Thanks very much for all your comments. Its apparent the TSM's would work just fine. I am likely renovating my livingroom which will change the size and acoustics and ultimately the speaker choice. I may wait till my house is in order before I move forward with a purchase of:

TMS mxr and/or
Devore Orangutan
Lowens, good luck with your system building. Don't think you can wrong with any of the option ahead of you.
The Orangutans would be very interesting, very high efficiency and a perfect match for Shindo tube gear. Please keep us apprised.