Merlin TSM speakers alignment


I have read online that originally the TSM's were supplied with alignment tool to help with placing the speakers into the right place. Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this recommended placing without the tool?

The alignment tool is for toe-in.  You can make one out of plywood or cardboard.  It's a right-angled triangle.  The base measures 2 1/8" . Height measures 11 7/16".  Set the triangle with the 90 degree corner at the front inside of the speaker.  Position the speaker so the hypotenuse is aimed directly at the center line of your seating position.  Done deal. 
You may want to contact Rich at Signature Sound.

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02-25-2016 7:40am
Hi Folks,

I was able to supply Neil a PDF of a TSM owners manual (Neil, hopefully you got my e-mail with the TSM PDF attached Neil), which I am happy to e-mail to anyone else who may need a TSM (or VSM to) owners manual.

I do have several of the official Merlin wood "alignment tools" on hand and can certainly send one along to a VSM or TSM owner who may have misplaced theirs. BTW, I can confirm there is no difference in the size/shape of the tool for the VSM and TSM - the speaker toe-in/alignment set-up for both speakers is the same.

A note for all Merlin VSM and TSM owners: I am/will be providing service, maintenance and upgrades for Merlin VSM and TSM owners. Folks who know me, know that I go way back with Merlin and that Bobby was a close friend of mine. I can think of nothing more fitting to do than to try to help Bobby's speakers live on and am endeavoring to do that. - Rich B Signature Sound.
I would hire a surveyor to properly align them. 

No not really. they are no different then any other speaker. Simple adjust them until they tell you they are happy an you tell yourself you are happy. 

Nice little speakers.