merlin tsm`s on target stands?

Osiris stands are hard to come by on the used market. I`m curios as to those of you who have tried the tsm/target combo, or any other stands for that matter.

Check out Skylan stands if you like the Osiris. Cheers,
I did manage to find a used pair of Osiris stands for my TSM's and thought I'd mention one consideration in using them or any other stand you might find.

The Osiris had been universally recommended for the Merlins so I jumped on them when I saw a pair come up and didn't do any checking in advance about the height of the stands. The TSM's are big monitors and with my couch and the 24" Osiris stands the speakers are considerably higher than the optimum listening position recommended by Merlin, even with the adjustable spikes on the stands at their minimum position.

I guess my couch sits lower than many others and I have been able to use the adjustable spikes to point the Merlins down, approximately on axis with my listening position. If want your speakers to sit level and still follow Merlin's recommendation that the spot between the two drivers line up with your ears, I'd recommend you figure out the elevation of your ears, measure the monitors and then find some stands that will put the speakers where you want them. In my configuration the Osiris stands are two or three inches too tall.
I use 26" Skylan 2-post stands with my TSM's. They are fine both sonically and visually.

Highly recommended.
I use 24" sound anchor stands filled with sand with awesome results. (don't forget the blu-tack)
I've used both the Osiris and the older Target Reference 4 stands with my TSMs and I much preferred the Target R4. Like the Osiris, the Target R4 is hard to come by as most people who own them keep them. The Target R4 filled with a combination of lead shot, sand, and kitty litter is a tough combination to beat with the TSM
i too have r4 target and osiris stands and well, they are both great but i prefer the sound on the osiris a wee bit. go figure. either one will surely make you very happy.
sit in your listening chair and measure the the distance from the floor to the middle of your ear. subtract 10 inches and that is the stand height you need. if the stands put the speakers a few inches up or down from your ear, it is not critical as the speaker has fantastic dispersion and the need to compensate is moderated over distance. at 9 1/2 feet the difference is minimal. i would compare tilting them down to just firing them straight out for sound and chose.
Thanks to all for your input. It seems that I have a small variety of stands to choose from, and that the osiris stands aren`t the end all, be all.

Since the skylan`s are made in Canada, isn`t there a fairly high import duty on them? Probably a dumb question, but I`ve never puchased anything from Canada.

I have bought many things audio from Canada. I've never had to pay import fees. I believe it's Canada that pays the import fees on things we ship to them. The only thing I would be concerned about is the reputation of the Canadian seller and the freight charges. I hope you enjoy your new Merlins.
Hi Sherod,

Good to hear from you again. Thanks for your input on the Canadian issue. I`m still waiting for my merlins. :(

btw...I think the prima int. running the tsm`s will be a very good match, although I can`t say for sure, as I`m now using a pair of borrowed $50 sony 2-ways in the interim. Yikes.

I also purchased Gregg Straley`s Reality ic`s and speaker cables. So far so good.

Hope all is well with you.

Update...I lucked into a pair of 24" osiris stands here on a`gon a couple of weeks ago.
those are perfect and you will love them on the tsm mms.
i still have 2 pairs here and would not be without them.