Merlin TSM-MMI with RCs: how much difference?

How much difference do the Master RCs make with the Merlin TSM-MMI? No RC, Standard RC, Master RC... sonically what's the difference? With solid state amps. How does Merlin TSM_MMI in general mate with solid state?
pmb, imho, the mmi version is the widest bandwith tsm ever produced and the mmi is the best match for ss because it is the most relaxed and linear compared to earlier versions.
if the amp being used is not terminated with a zobel and no rc is used the sound will be bright and lean, sort of fizzley and strained/complicated. with the standard rc smoother and more expansive with a more present feel. with the master rc it will show wider bandwidth and and slightly more relaxed and expansive sound than the standard. you will also notice a bigger, more room filling and dyanmic presentation. imho a more real sound which is also mentioned by many on this forum. search for master rc's on this forum.
best, b