Merlin TSM-mm placement

Hello All
Can someone that has the Merlin TSM-mm speakers help me with the placement of them. The problem I have is that my room is only 11X10. I need to know what is the best distance from the side walls and the back wall and if I need to toe them in? Please help so I get the most of my new Merlins.
Bobby will be glad to help you as set up makes all of the difference. From what I recently learned, the speakers should be 6 to 6.5 feet apart max. and toed in pretty much directly at the listeners ears but the alignment tool helps with this angle. 2-3' from back wall should do but you are limited then with your listening distance which should be 9'. Also be sure your walls, especially the back are treated somewhat to reduce reflections. If you can do all of this, they will image like no other and sing in the best of ways.
>and toed in pretty much directly at the listeners ears<

I thought Bobby recommended firing them directly ahead, sans toe in. Maybe I misread that somewhere....

Talk w/Bobby about possibility of a diagonal configuration. Your room is almost square. That is a challenging environment, and it has often been conquered by using a diagonal setup. I know it's a tad unconventional, but it often does the trick. Cheers,
strongly recommend using the alignment tool and spencer mentioned the diagonal set up. it will work like a dream.
give me a call at the plant during business hours. we are on the east coast.
I've tried the VSM speaker system in a diagonal placement within a 20' x 20' room about 6.5' apart. Worked very well with respect to not exciting room nodes. In a room that is small and square, I would really recommend trying out the diagonal placement.
As far as toe in is concerned, one should use the alignment tool such that they will be 10 degrees off axis (i.e. not pointing directly at your ears, but 10 degrees off).