Merlin TSM-M (MXE) Owners manual


I recently purchased a used pair of Merlin TSM-MXe  speakers.
Unfortunately the seller is missing the owners manual and tool for setup.

Does anyone have a copy of the manual that can be e-mailed or faxed  to me?
If not in e-mail or fax form, I'd pay to get a hard copy.

Does anyone have or can describe the wooden TOE-in tool so I can figure out Toe-in 

Thanks for any replies (sorry about Bobby)
Neil Leichman

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Do you know if the wooden toe in stick is the same as for the VSM? If so, I can trace an image for you
not sure if its the same but I dont see why it would be different,

I read someplace that they found the optimum toe in for TSM was 100 degrees.

But not having documentation or the tool I’m not sure what they mean.

If you could trace it and either email or fax would be helpful in my search. (If its an easy thing for me to draw you can just send me an email with measurements the trace should work.

I appreciate it!
now for the owners manual....still searching

The toe-in is 10 degrees.  The "tool" Bobby sent is a right triangle slice of wood cut at that angle.  You could use a piece of paper for that matter, place it on the floor and make your adjustments.
thanks for the replies 
@thegratefuldad1 The two legs of the right triangle on mine measure 5.4 cm and 29.4 cm.  Dick
Would anyone be willing and able  to take a picture (excuse this ....drum roll ) of their tool.......
And post it    here or email me a copy.

Hope that gets by the moderators

@thegratefuldad1 I had to word my reply carefully so as not to indicate that I measured my tool. :-)  I'd be happy to send you a picture but it would have to be via email as I don't believe Audiogon has added the ability to post pictures other than in ads.  Dick
Hi Folks,

I was able to supply Neil a PDF of a TSM owners manual (Neil, hopefully you got my e-mail with the TSM PDF attached Neil), which I am happy to e-mail to anyone else who may need a TSM (or VSM to) owners manual.

I do have several of the official Merlin wood "alignment tools" on hand and can certainly send one along to a VSM or TSM owner who may have misplaced theirs. BTW, I can confirm there is no difference in the size/shape of the tool for the VSM and TSM - the speaker toe-in/alignment set-up for both speakers is the same.

A note for all Merlin VSM and TSM owners: I am/will be providing service, maintenance and upgrades for Merlin VSM and TSM owners. Folks who know me, know that I go way back with Merlin and that Bobby was a close friend of mine. I can think of nothing more fitting to do than to try to help Bobby's speakers live on and am endeavoring to do that. - Rich B Signature Sound.
@signaturesound Rich, for all of us Merlin owners, I'd like to say thank you for taking this on.  I don't expect to ever need service but it's nice to know there's someone to call if it comes up.  I sure wish I had had the chance to get to know Bobby.  His reputation for friendliness and going above and beyond were outstanding and, I'm sure, well-deserved.  Dick
Thank you to everyone who joined in this discussion.  I got the owners manual I was able to use the measurements given to me and I made a tool of thick cardboard and it serves the purpose.  I do want to thank rich from signature sound for following up to my email and I was hesitent to reply hear and mention them by name because someone might take is as spam

I am happy that rich was able to get his message out about merlin service and upgrade and support.I don't know if most know the situation with merlin.  since Bobby 's  passing.

My last question are there any quality merlin discussion forums that I can check out besides audiogon.i know about the merlin websitehich is still up thankfully.
I've known Rich @Signature Sound since his days as a writer @Positive Feedback and the very, very early Merlin Music days.   Rich not only was a good friend and confidant of Bobby, but a dealer that was intimately involved with the design and execution of every iteration of VSM TSM. There is **NO ONE** qualified to carry on the Merlin Legacy than Rich. (Bobby quote) I always enjoyed visiting with him at CES and the traveling audio shows with Bobby. HE was the link of Bobby"s yang and has excellent set up skill sets. 

I have been and will continue to be a customer of Rich's @Signature Sound. I've purchased speakers, pick ups, cables and a multitude of assortment of stereo equip over the years.

Rich also is an EE by training and an excellent repair person. He has repaired and restored my Joule Electra VZN 100 and worked on my then JE LA 150. He is fastidious and detailed orientated and NOTHING gets off that bench until it has been tested and tested again and "repaired".

The Merlin family is fortunate to have Rich who is willing and able to carry on the Merlin legacy. Thank you Rich and I look forward to our future/next transactions and discussion.
Wow Jim (joneill). Thank you for the very kind words! I will try to continue to live up to them. Getting the Merlin upgrade/support project up and going has taken much longer than I had planned (and I am still not fully there yet due to how busy other things have been the past several months). I had hoped to start doing (offering VSM & TSM) upgrades in January, but the way things are going I will be doing the first Black Magic upgrade (which will be on my own pair of VSMs) this March.

Right now I am able to handle/support repairs, make Standard and Master Merlin RC Networks, bi-wire jumpers, BAM work (upgrades/repairs), and some other things.

Hope this did not come off sounding promotional... just want to give Merlin owners and idea of what I currently can and can't do at this time.

Thanks- Rich
I've dealt with Rich at Signature Sound and he is absolutely first class and 100% trust worthy.