MERLIN TSM-M and surround speakers?

I have the Merlin TSM-Ms (left/center/right) and I would like to put in some rear surround speakers for Home Theater. I don't have the $2500.00 for TSM-Ms in the rear (and I think that would be a sin) but I would like to have rear surround speakers that come close to matching the timbre of the Merlin's. Has anyone dealt or is dealing with this problem? I would weclome all suggestions, recommendations, and thoughts on this matter.
Do the cheaper Dynaudio's- around $800 I think. I have the VSM's and my budy had a pair of the Dynaudio speakers, I think this would be the best cheap way to go without putting bad speakers in the back.
There's a pair of TSMs here on Audiogon for 1050.
I have the VSM-M for the L/R, the TSM-M for the center. I plan on running 7.1 so I am kinda in the same boat.

4 TSM-M' for the surrounds?!?!? Kinda a waste, no?

Which Dynaudio do you speak of? The Audience 52's?
I like the idea of may getting a pair of old TSMs for the back channels but the price would have to be right. On the Dynaudio I would think it would be one of the Contour or the Audience 42w. Another thought in my direction would be the GR Research A/v-1s. The owner thinks that they may come close in the timbre of the TSM-Ms. Or if we think that the Merlins are neutral enough how about the Axiom QS4 or QS8? I still have not come close to solving my problem but I do thank those who have helped so far with their suggestions