MERLIN.....Thank You.

To all Merlin Owners and Agon Members

I would like to take this opertuinity to thank all of you who have contributed/ansered my and others threads regarding the Merlin VSM speakers.Your input have been extremely helpful in my decision to purchase this fine example in the art of speaker manufacturing.

Thank you to Bobby and all at Merlin,the quality of your service is a rare find.

My speakers arrived four days ago and are now being run in.At this stage I can confirm what you have all said,that these are special speakers.They are the most natural sounding speakers I have ever heard.Amazing,unforced music reproduction at the highest level.

A few questions :
1)Zobel network.How do most of you use the speakers with or with out the network.What are the differences I can expect ?(I use a Pathos Logos amp, which as far as I know do not have a Zobel network)
2)BAM module.Which way of switching do you prefer,AC,50/50 or Battery alone.Again what would the expected differences be ?
3)How long can I expect the batteries of the BAM to last ?

As always your input will be greatly appreciated and highly valued.

Dr Chris van Niekerk
South Africa
Hello Chris,

Welcome to the Merlin family. I hope that the wait was not overly long (I have been reading some of your posts here and on AA).

1. Use the Zobel network. Do not use them ONLY IF your amp has it already, but you mentioned that it most probably does not. Use them on both Cardas posts if you are bi-wiring them. Only on the tweeter network if single wiring and using the supplied Merlin/Cardas jumper.
My understanding of the network is that it will prevent possible oscillations of your amp. That's about it.

2. Battery mode is my preference. When I sit to listen, I flip the switch up and unplug the BBAM. After listening, I usually leave it to fully drain the batteries and the next night plug it in to charge it up again (and flip the switch down) and listen. I have never listened in 50/50 mode - just all battery or all AC. I always give about 24 hours of charge. This lasts for about 10-12 hours in battery mode. After that, the speakers will become scratchy/screechy sounding.
3. At least 1.5 years with my procedure above. Bobby just replaced my batteries while I had the Magic Mod done to my VSM-M. The batteries were still lasting 10 hours on a charge.

I have only about 30 hours on my VSM-MM, and they are outstanding. So much so (and for other reasons - one of them being Bobby lives only a 3 hour drive from me!) that I have very recently ordered a pair of VSM-MX (piano black) from him. I have had the VSM-SE, VSM-M and the VSM-MM.

Lucky you,my VSM-MM's are coming around after a couple hundred hours and are terrific.I dont notice a diff with the BAM on AC or Batt...the little jumpers you put on the back I have tried with and without to no diff sound ,yet? I have listened to an Ayre V5x,Berning ZH270 and my own Counterpoint,the Berning was tops,slightly more open than the Counterpoint,tubes are surely best[so far]...peace......Bob
my canadian friend explained the questions away with great accuracy. thanks dave.
chris you are a very kind man to say what you did and thank you.
still in vegas at the show and am excited to see how the speakers improve for you with time.
us blues, something must be odd in your system for you to not hear the rcs or the bam power options. what wires are you using?
give me a call when i get back to discuss this as these changed should be really obvious.

Bobby, how are your parents doing? I believe that you had stated they were in an accident awhile back. Hope that they're doing OK, and that you also had a good show at the CES!
Dr. Chris, I'm glad you finally got your speakers! Echoing what has been said before, the zobel networks make a great improvement in sound, and I prefer the all battery bam mode. Once everything has a chance to burn in, your enjoyment will only increase.

hi fatparrot,
thanks for asking. my mother in law is home but dad just got out of the icu a few days ago and is a little better but still has a long way to go.
happy new year.
I, too, was involved in a major accident many years ago (10 days in ICU, 5 months total hospitalization, and another 4 months of rehab). I know it's tough, but hopefully, things will rapidly improve. May your next New Year's 2006 be a much happier time for you, and a holiday worthy of a true celebration. My prayers are with you and your family.