Merlin speaker/cable combinations?

Which speaker cable/wire works well with Merlin speakers?Again the question relates more to the combination of Merlin speakers and Hybrid or Solid State amplification.The spesific Merlin's I'm refering to is the VSM-MM's.Any comments/opinions will be appreciated.
Hi Bluebull

From what I understand two highly recomended speaker/interconnect matches withe Merlins are Cardas Golden Reference and Audience Au24. Hope this helps.

I'm using an all-Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval (ic's and speaker cables) with my MMs. I don't know if Bobby would recommend that, should ask him (
Bobby recommended AU24 when I last asked him. Eventhough I used a pair of Nordhost Valhalla. Good luck. Tim
Look into the Stereovox cables!
Bobby would say no cause they are silver but listen to them.
Concur with above posts on the Golden Ref and Audience.I am using Neutral Ref wires on account of low flow and they sound fine,but would really like to hear those 2.Good luck,Bob
I have the Audience AU24 speaker cables with tubes, can't say how they might work with ss and Merlins but they are excellent cables. The best ic's including Cardas GR and Luminous Synchestra Sigs which I have in the system currently are hands down the Stereovox cables sei600, pricey but....oh my, the best by far in my system! Allan is right on with this cable.
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Thank you very much.
Blue Bull
The Au24 also do wonders with my full SS Brinkmann system. Great cable, even though it's hard to believe when looking at it...
it is true that i like the cardas golden ref and audience au24. just keep in mind that i do not recommend shotgun bi-wires with large gauges of wire on the tweeter and woofer. i recommend internal bi-wires where the tweeter wires are a smaller gauge (14 gauge or less) than the woofer wires. 98% of the time you will get much better sound using my jumpers and a single wire hookup. i also do not recommend ribbons or large gauges of solid core conductors. i prefer litz as a rule.
Hi Bobby
So if I understand correctly-single run Card golden reference or Aud Au24 to jumpers ideal and perhaps more cost effective as well ?Difference between Cardas and Audience ?Which would you prefer with ss output amp and VSM-MM's ?
Blue El Torro
i think either would do a fantastic job. using a single run with my cardas wired jumpers will give you a fuller balance than the internally wired cardas golden ref. this internally wired cardas is my reference wire with my otls which have a relaxed and tonally rich character. the single wire/jumper is a little more relaxed in the treble and better with amps that are less fleshed out. in an absolute sense, even with my favorite amps, the difference is less than a few % with the single wire/merlin jumper or the internally wired cardas golden ref.
the audience has a slightly fuller tonal balance in the mid bass making it a great wire with ss and less fleshed tube sounds and the cardas is more complete in an ambient sense making it better with more fleshed out tube amps like my otls.
either wire would sound absolutely fabulous as many will agree. one plays a fuller tonal balance and the other plays a more 3d presentation.
I use the AU24 in my system, a minimalist one that consists of Sony SCD777ES, Berning Sigfried tube amp, and a pair of Merlin VSM-MM. The result is quite realistic,and it draws out the musical response nicely. The bass especially comes out very clean with the Au24. For CD that sounds not engaging before, it comes alive now. Last night I listened to the Georghui recording of Verdi heroine with the Au24 in the system and the effect is musically indeed.
A follow up...

Had the Audience Au 24 sp cable in my system...changed to the Paul Speltz Anti-Cable.I use a single run of the Speltz cable with the Merlin jumpers.

I prefer the Anti-Cable in my system...Slightly more sparkle to the trebles.Mids cleaner ,more open and slightly leaner sounding,but with out losing focus.Bass punchier/more slam and better defined.Overall,a better balance to the sound.Tonally more correct my ears, at least.

My results should be seen in the context of my system(Mark Levinson 37 and 36s,Pathos Logos and Merlin VSM-MM),my personal preference and speaker positioning,which is close to the backwall .Also the best results now with the Ei Elite 6DJ8 Goldpins in the Logos.The end result now, is very pleasing, to say the least .The Merlins are remarkable speakers....

I needed a long run for my Merlins and couldn't afford the Cardas and Audience so I tried a few cheaper ones and ended up with the River Cable Flexgy 6. Mellow with a lot of detail. Great for SS. Inexpensive enough that you can buy it and sell it if you dont like it and not lose a whole lot of money. Needs a couple of weeks of burn in.