Merlin Owners...

I know Cardas Golden Ref or Audience AU24 are recommended but I'm having a heck of a time finding used Golden Ref speaker cables at a length I need. Anyone using something different with success?
I preffered Tg Audio to Golden Ref. esp in terms of the High Purity IC's, but speaker cables as well with my Merlins. More hall info and yet smoother with much better staging. Esp. great soundstaging in the bass regions (think symphony double bass sections way right of the right speaker - in terms of hieght and seperation of players! in the section.

Killer good, cost effective, and if you by new - it comes broken in by Bob Crump. Its the AU24 with better bass!, and as smooth as the Cardas. Inner detail, dynamics,...... do a search also. I have Blue Circle electronics for context.
You don't mention your budget, and these aren't cheap, but Stereovox works real well. Just ordered a pair after demoing them for a few weeks.
Yikes! Just checked price of Stereovox!!! I'm looking for used or good price on demo - $500.00 to $900.00.
I use Virtual Dynamics "Master" bi-wire and have never heard better. I've tried Cardas Golden Cross, Analysis Plus, and the V.D. Audition. They're cumbersome to work with, but once in place that's irrelevant. Better everything! Unfortunately, I'm selling my Merlin's and the V.D. Master cables on Agon now for financial reasons. If curious - check the Merlin listings. Best of luck, Dave
Hi tomryan

I had great success with Purist Aqueos Anniversary and Merlin VSM-Ms, and preferred the Pursit over the Cardas.  You can find them biwired used for about $600-700 (retailed for about $1800-$2200).

Best of luck.